Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm just stopping home briefly between a wedding ceremony and reception for friends of ours, and thought of another wedding taking place today. It's our final wedding this calendar year, which is an accomplishment when you have 7 weddings you're invited to in 2006 (including our own).

Today's the day that Katie Holmes officially marries the couch jumper (apparently Oprah wasn't invited, even though her couch was the one that started it all!) . I'd say that this makes Katie an official beard for life, but I'm pretty sure Tom Cruise would sue me. Apparently he's not fond of insinuations. Luckily I don't have any money for him to take even if he did.

Despite the renewed work of his PR people, I still can't say I'm a fan of his at all with all the scientology stuff, and the "anti-medication for women suffering from post-partum depression. (It's a real condition! And not a nice one! Don't minimize it jackass!), Brooke Shields may have forgiven him but I'm not sure he didn't say what he means and just backpeddle effectively.

Oh well, I'm sure Katie knows what she's doing and they'll be very happy. This photo, apparently taken just before the wedding shows her over-the moon happy, almost unable to contain her excitement at her coming nuptials! Look at the anticipation in her eyes! Her relaxed brow, her sparkling grin! It just screams "just try to hold me back while I run toward the love of my life down the aisle and commit to spend eternity with him!"

Well, enough of that! We're off to a non-sham wedding reception!

P.S. Dave says GO BUCKEYES!

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