Monday, September 04, 2006

The word of the day is "exhausted"

(Ok this post contains tons-o-wedding crap so if you're not so into the wedding stuff I'd suggest you skip it.)

Our wedding was really a phenomenal day - better than I'd expected, than we'd planned, and better than we'd hoped for. Even the freaking weather cooperated!

For now we're completely exhausted. From last Friday until today we really haven't had much of a break. We went from the wedding, to the reception, to a hotel for a couple of hours, to the airport, to Florida, to the cruise ship, ran around the ports we stopped at, to a hotel, to the airport, to Toronto's airport, home, lunch, and back in the car to Cobourg to see my parents, to bachelor(ette) party and wedding in Ottawa this weekend where I was a bridesmaid, home this afternoon, and work tomorrow. So, here's the longer version if you're interested.

The days before the wedding were spent making programs, putting together ribbons and sheets of organza to wrap the blue spruce trees which were our wedding favours for all the guests.

We rented Victoria Hall in Cobourg (where I grew up) for our reception. The exterior is one thing, and is definitely beautiful, but the concert hall is something you have to see to believe it. It's totally gorgeous. The hall itself was built in 1860 and was opened by the Prince of Wales. The concert hall, where we had the reception has walnut floors, beautiful murals on the walls and a hand painted ceiling that is incredible. (plus it rents for a song compared to most places!)

My parents, my sister, her fiance John, and Dave's mum helped us decorate the tables Friday morning and get the hall ready. We just had plain white floral table cloths, jewel toned tea lights and we were lucky enough to have a friend of my mum's take the gladiolus that we ordered for the centrepieces, add some Queen Anne's lace, Solomon's seal, hosta leaves and asparagus ferns to make fabulous arrangements for the tables. I was totally amazed at how beautiful they looked even though we were far from a big budget wedding. This is the interior of the grand ballroom for another event but you get a sense of how pretty it is.

I left part way through decorating the hall to a spa afternoon Dave planned for me. By the end of it my hands actually looked like they belonged to a girl (I've never had a manicure before). When it came to picking a nail colour for my toes that was easy. My toes were my "something blue." (Yes I have hideous feet.) The other something blue was borrowed from Sara - a blue toe ring.

The rehearsal went well and it was so fantastic to have a wonderful dinner and be surrounded with friends and family. My family spent hours pulling it together and we really appreciated it.

Our wedding day started very early for me - when a neighbour of my parents' had their car alarm going off for about 20 minutes around 4:30am. I slept like a log to that point, but it took me a while to fall asleep again. The woman doing all of our hair has been doing my hair for the last 12 years, and I've been going to the same salon before she started there since I was 4. She does a phenomenal job, and doesn't charge nearly enough for an up do. She came to the house and had everyone done in time.

It was indeed my high school stalker's wife who did our makeup. In fact, it was him who dropped her off, along with an assistant (who assisted by sitting on the couch). He lingered in front of the house and when I saw that I made my sister run to get the door. Hah! Foiled ya, creepy dude! In the end she was reasonable, and did a pretty good job of making pretty girls even prettier. No make-up guns were set to "whore" as I feared.

I don't know who picked up the flowers, but they were done by Sav-A-Centre (A&P) and I was so impressed. They were cheaper than most places, and totally gorgeous.

We had some photos taken at my parents' house before taking the limo to the church. My family has been members of the church since I was a kid, and this summer we got a new minister who really helped us personalize the service and made it feel like OUR wedding.

I was shocked at how fast the whole service went. It seemed that suddenly we were at the back of the church and the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle, quickly followed by my dad and I (the aisle wasn't big enough to add my mum in). I was really happy with the service, especially the music. My high school music teacher sang a solo (and boy can he sing), and brought along a fellow soloist and I was completely blown away. Several eyes in the house weren't dry; they were that good. I felt like all of a sudden it was all over and we were walking up the aisle (with Dave telling me to SLOW DOWN cause I was too excited and wanted to walk too fast) and we were married. The picture in the post below is us at the top of the aisle at the church. My mum did the flower arrangements in the photo above the day of our wedding.

We then went to a lakeside park for more photos, where the limo driver (who we booked until 6:30) announced he was leaving at 5:30 because he had another job to get to. My sister tore a strip off him and our photographer took a picture of me giving him the finger as he drove off. I'm nothing if not classy (actually, I like to think I put the ass in class).

So, there we were with no way back to the reception hall, when we had the rescue of the year. Dave's friend Curt and his beautiful wife Katy have a brand new white mustang convertible, and he totally became the knight in shining armour with lots of horsepower. We rode in the back of the car while he chauffeured us to the reception, honking the whole way. We just sat in the back amazed at how awesome our friends are and what a fantastic rescuer we had. It totally made our day. My dad took some phenomenal pictures of us in the car, and our wedding photographer got this one too.

When we got to the reception my gorgeous friend Jodi jumped in with her event planning background and ushered everyone in and directing hors d'oeuvres our way while we waited for everyone to get seated. Dinner was great - we served a spinach and grilled asparagus salad with passion fruit dressing, entrees were either a mushroom risotto, chicken with sundried tomato cream, or rime rib beef, along with roasted tomatoes filled with ricotta and spinach, broccoli and dauphinoise potatoes. Speeches went through dinner so no one got too bored (hopefully), and the dancing started and went late into the night. Judging from the dance floor I like to think it was a good party.

In order to get us to dance we made the tables get up and do a dance (with the assistance of the DJ who provided music). There was some definite creativity in the room. By the end of the night we decided to turn the tables on everyone and Dave danced to "The stripper" while I sat and watched to get everone else to kiss.

Our first dance was Etta James singing "At Last," and my dad and I danced to Rod Stewart singing "I wish you well." Dave and his mum danced to Carole King "Child of mine."

The boquet for tossing went directly (and completely unintentionally) to my friend Sara, who was in our wedding party and getting married 8 days after us (I was in her wedding party too). She luckily survived a few stray elbows that narowly missed her head. Apparently it went right to her like some sort of ouija board boquet. I just whipped the thing over my head.

The garter was some cruel joke too, as it went directly to my sister's fiance. Poor John was our wedding day gopher, and had, only minutes before run to the house because I realized I had forgotten to wear a stupid garter. Now the poor guy had my sweaty stinky garter in his hand, having just retrieved it. Dave and I are looking forward to being the gophers at their wedding next summer.

For our last dance the DJ asked everyone to stand around us in a circle holding hands as we danced to Louie Armstrong singing "Wonderful world." That was totally one of the best moments of the day because at every step we could see friends and family around us (and hear my dad and Dave's best man singing). It was an awesome feeling (and to anyone who is getting married DEFINITELY DO THIS for your last dance).

We walked to the hotel room my parents rented for us, crashed for an hour or so, Dave shook me until I gave in and got up, and Dave drove us to the airport in a huge storm around 2:30am so we'd get to the airport in time for our 7am flight.

Next? What kind of morons snorkel during a hurricane! Uh that'd be us!


Jay said...

Aw, what a beautiful bride, and happy wedding day.

elaine said...

Your wedding rocked! And how the two of you aren't crawling around on your knees from exhaustion is beyond me!

You've pretty much described the day to the letter. From the assistant that assisted by sitting on her ass (it was so weird - she said nothing, did nothing, wanted nothing to drink or eat, and showed no interest in what was going on), to the minister that did such a fantastic job that I can't wait until John and I are planning our service, to how fast the service went (it felt like it was lightening speed), to the save of the day by Katy and Curtis with the world's coolest car(John randomly asked Curtis to help not knowing how awesome their car was!)

I would like to say that I enjoyed chewing out the limo driver. What a jerk! Although there's one thing I regret about that whole thing - I forgot to call him an asshat (more colourful language however did prevail).

It was by far the best wedding I've ever been to, and all others will now be compared to yours!

something blue said...

The Victoria Hall in Cobourg looks amazingly romantic and elegant.

The picture of you and Dave in the white mustang convertible is fabulous. Talk about turning lemons into lemon aid.

It sounds like the perfect day! Congrats!

Heather said...

Jay: thanks! It was SO happy we're still grinning.

Elaine: Thanks dude, you rocked as MOH.

Something blue: It is totally romantic and elegant (which is tough to overcome when someone like me is the bride!).

TB said...

It all looks and sounds like the perfect wedding day. I'm so happy for you. You were a lovely bride.

mamatulip said...

It sounds AWESOME! I'm so glad things went well...I am LOL at you flipping the limo driver off (that bastard!) and I totally want you to post a picture of that. ;)

And oooh, a shiny new template! I like it. :)

John said...

Oh the garter wasn't that sweaty. I wore it with pride for the whole back end of the night. I had a great time and was glad to be of help.

Heather said...

TB: Thanks!

Mamatulip: my HTML skillz being such that they are (aka nonexistent) all i can do is use a blogger template. I've tried to do better but each time I try to it looks all mucked up in IE. Oh well. Will post pic of me flipping off limo driver as soon as I have one.

John: It was so funny you caught the garter, and as you said, the pink in your shirt and the lace were very stylin! We definitely appreciated all your help - it wouldn't have gone smoothly without you!

(P.S. I hope you notice the restraint in my ability to not make jokes about the "back end" of the night :P)

sunshine scribe said...

I cannot believe I missed this post!

YAY! Congratulations a million times over.

I looooved reading this.

Heather said...

sunshine scribe: Thanks a million times over!