Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Dinner in the 'shwa

Take portobello and white mushrooms, chop coarsely, simmer in olive oil and sherry. Add milk, and if lazy, cream of mushroom soup mix. Add more sherry. Season with pepper, garlic, whatever your heart may fancy.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, preferrably red. I chose a masi valpolicella but whatever you have on hand will do, and pour into a decanter to breathe, before pouring into red wine glass. (it's so nice not to have to drink wine from plastic glasses since we got nice ones for the wedding)

Make polenta (or if lazy buy it pre-made and slice into circles). Place on baking sheet, cover baking sheet with wax paper and spray wax paper with nonstick spray. Add thinly sliced garlic and thin slice of provolone cheese on top, drip of olive oil and throw in oven at 350 for about 12-15 minutes.

Drink more wine while watching cheese turn golden colour and stirring soup. Add more milk and sherry to soup, serve in cheap, easily chipped ikea bowls.

Dream of the day you can do this in your new fancy kitchen.

Dessert: It's antioxidant day! Eat a half pomegranate while drinking red wine. Take that, free radicals! Also, there is haagen dasz ice cream in the freezer - doesn't chocolate contain antioxidants?

We spent the afternoon at home depot looking at kitchens and may have found cheaper alternatives that are actual wood. Anyone have any way of knowing whether we'll have to take up the linoleum? It's looking like there is no linoleum under the cabinets, and we have no idea what's under the linoleum. I can, of course hope that it's beautiful hardwood, but am not holding my breath. Anyone feel overwhelmed by the state of their house and the work needing to be done?


jen said...

um, wow...i found you via OTJ...and am now starving and in love with your it.

Luck o' the Irish said...

Stay away from HD! Their kitchens are nice, but I have heard horror stories about their installation. I have friends going thru it right now. Ordered $21,000 worth of cabinets and the doors are wrong, they mis-measured, they installed a wine rack and then de-installed it, ordered the wrong size panel for the side of the refridgerator opening, etc. etc. My friends have escalated to the mgr and may have to escalate higher. Apparently, this is common for HD.

Wystful1 said...

This looks yummy!

Hi! I'm here from the Blogging Chicks Blogroll---just wanted to visit a new member today.

I understand what it's like to re-do a home with all new stuff!

LOL--I just tore down old wallpaper and put up new this past month. What shoulda been a couple of days' work turned into weeks!!

Good luck

Mother Bumper said...

Chocolate definitely contains antioxidants (it better or I'm totally in denial)

megan said...

Since this is not your forever house just do what the previous owner of my house did, layer your new flooring right over the current one. Then repeat this process 4 times over the next 30 years! It is sure to make you popular with the next owners.

Lori Anne Haskell said...

When I read this post, I was at home still and it really made me hungry. So I came home and made Boca Burgers. Not as good as your meal, but hey, I am full now. :).

Izzy said...

I'm always overwhelmed when i think of all the things I want to do to this house. Then i say forget it because this place is too small and I want to move anyway!

And yes, chocolate DOES contain antioxidants which is why I eat it as often as possible. My health depends on it!!!

Heather said...

Jen: Next batch will be tomato and basil polenta... just gotta pick the cheese (but probably asiago) Thanks for stopping by!

luck o' the irish: yikes! Thanks for the warning... our kitchen will be WAY less than that but i can imagine the nightmares that come with it. Friends recommended this particular HD so hopefully it should be okay.

wystful1: Thanks for stopping by! we've been re-doing our house piece by piece for months, really but are likely hiring help soon. hope your renovations go well- I know that wallpaper is a four letter word.

mother bumper: Thanks for the backup, there will be no talk of denial here (that's only a river in Egypt).

megan: Oh man did the last 40 people who lived here do that to us as well. Including wallpaper on ceilings! Ack is it bad! our vinyl kitchen floor is about an inch higher up than the hardwood, no idea what's under it all. Not sure I'm ready to find out either!

Lori Anne Haskell: mmm veggie burgers!

izzy: Oh thank heavens i'm not the only one who has that exact train of thought. Glad you're eating healthy too. With stressful houses and renovation, the free radicals could do some pretty awful damage if it weren't for chocolate.

maliavale said...

Holy jeez, that polenta looks SO GOOD. I'm sold.

Heather said...

maliavale: Thanks! It was even better as leftovers the next day.

Karen Rani said...

yum! girlfriend - you live near my cousins - i'm coming over the next time you make that!

Suze said...

Oh my gosh, that entry left me salivating. Sounds delicious!

Heather said...

Karen Rani: Lemme know when you're coming by. If you have allergies to animals leave them at home.

Suze: It was awesome if I do say so myself. I think it may become part of the regular rotation here.