Friday, November 17, 2006

Ikea: Swedish for "out of stock"

After several dreary days, I decided some retail therapy was in order.

I don't think I've ever posted a picture of our kitchen, and since it's a wee bit messy right now, I'll just post a picture of it when we were house hunting.

What you can't see is that you have to yank drawers ope (because they're plywood drawers on a plywood frame with no track) and slam them closed. It's a workout I'm really looking forward to ending.

we have a stainless steel stove, and our microwave is
on an unfinished wood table opposite here

The fridge is at the other end of the window here, outside the picture.

Since this is our starter house (it's under 1000 square feet) we're not going to re-do the floor, we'll just work with it. Our kitchen is highly lacking in functionality, and storage space, and I love cooking, so I definitely want to change it. As it stands right now it's a galley kitchen with a fridge and microwave on an unfinished table on the opposite wall.

The last few days we've been toying with the Ikea kitchen planner and re-configuring our current setup to see how much more counter space we can muster. So far, I think Dave's come up with a genius plan (though I have to say it was my idea to move the fridge)

So, here's the plan:

The view from above. The right of the picture goes to our front hall (no door),
the top left door frame goes to the dining room and
the bottom right one to the basement and side door.

The south wall (with stainless fridge, and stove,
and white dishwasher. Can't win 'em all).

Looking north from our dining room. I'm especially excited about having a shelf
beside the window that I could grow herbs on! (assuming I don't kill them!)
The dog/cat treat jars will go on the open shelf and we'll have prep area! Awesome!

OOoh I'm so excited! I think I'll get up bright and early tomorrow to check out tile samples at Home Depot to see what we can find! Go backsplash! Hah I'm such a geek. After that we just have to figure out the counter top and voila!

P.S. Why is it when you have baby fever that there seems to be some sort of "pretty pregnant women" convention going on at Ikea. You couldn't turn around without seeing one tonight. I just kept my head down and drank my stupid lingeonberry juice (which I now think would be FANTASTIC with vodka).


scarbie doll said...

Ooh, I love that shade of blue though! Let me know how the redesign goes. I'm considering a kitchen facelift myself.

Teena said...

Looks very cool! I'd love to get new funkier cupboards for our kitchen.

rick said...

I always thought IKEA was Swedish for "doesn't fit".

Mrs. Chicky said...

A new kitchen! How exciting. I love that you've designated a space for the dog and cat treat jars. I would have done the same thing.

Heather said...

scarbie doll: It seems rather cold though, especially with the dirty beige everywhere else. I'll definitely post updates.

teena: Nothing too funky here because the house is older, but can't wait for a more functional kitchen!

rick: Hah exactly! That or "how the hell does this go together!" or "assemble-it-yourself hell."

Mrs. Chicky: SO excited here. Gotta have our priorities (lest they decide to take over!).

Island Spice said...

Cant drink vodka when youre pregnant!! Fret not. everything in its right time. :)

kittenpie said...

Heh heh - that's MY kitchen! (The before I mean, the plywood with no drawer tracks and also no stoppers so if you yank just a smidge too hard it'll come right out.)Yours in envy, k.