Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en!

I thought after last year's excitement I'd live blog this year's hallowe'en in the 'shwa:

6:07: Teenage mutant ninja turtle and princess in a heavy coat - handed out most of a bag of candy (what I hadn't eaten already) while dad lovingly looks on.

6:20: Switch loads of laundry in the basement, unload and re-load dishwasher. Peek out front porch, disappointedly go back inside. Looks like a ghost town, sans ghosts.

6:27: What appears to be two princesses at the door. I'm corrected when one indignantly yells out "I'm not a princess, I'mmm a bwar-bee." I stand corrected and hand out more handfuls of candy. Bwar-bee says "your dwogs are vwwery biiiig." I agree with bwar-bee that the dogs are probably taller than her and her princess cohort. They troddle off to the next house.

6:37: Decide to make some sort of dinner-type creation. Add a couple of bow tie pasta to boiling water, raid freezer for thai mixed veggies, throw in a few shrimp. Drain, add fat free ranch dressing. 'Shwa cuisine at its finest. Eat a few bites to decide that I'm already kinda full from the candy stash Dave bought for the kids I've been munching on. Tupperware the rest of dinner for lunch tomorrow.

6:54: Our favourite little neighbour down the street comes by in a frog costume with mum in tow, pets the doggies (apparently her phase where she would poke their "eyes" is over, though they loved the attention even if it meant getting a finger to the eye), yells "kitty" excitedly at Rhett and is off again after I load her bag with candies.

7:24: Get excited, thinking I hear kids. Disappointedly decide it must be the wind.

7:33: Cat raises head inquisitively! Excitement! Cat puts head down, falls asleep again. Grab KitKat bar. Eat KitKat.

8:03: Ooooh is that a wagon I hear? Nope.

8:07: Yay a pumpkin! A cute little pumpkin! Well, more like a kid in an orange shirt with a foam pumpkin on a string around his neck, but close enough! I don't even need the costumes to be good anymore! Here! Have a handful of candy!

8:11: A convict! She's got the striped uniform and marker-dotted beard on her face! Awesome! Handful of candy for you! I think I overwhelmed her with my enthusiasm. I want to tell her how great her costume is, and ask her why she's all alone, with no friends trick or treating with her, and that don't worry, if she doesn't have friends to go around with that's okay too!


8:47: Dave proclaims we live on a street of bah humbugs (no one on our street has their lights on except us and the frog girl's family). We leave the light on but close the door (it's cold!).

Total Kids: 7.

Also, it occurs to me I've been blogging for a year and a couple of days now. Yay!


Teena said...

Quite the crowd. I'm soooooo not into Halloween so stayed late at the gym to avoid the rugrats ... er, I mean, little darlings.

I was talking with one of my neighbours tonight and he said they got about 50 kids. They gave me some chocolates so I wonder if they counted me too.

roro said...

Happy blog-a-versary! I handed out candy tonight for the first time in, like, 10 years. There were a lot of princesses but even more kids with battle axes. Clearly, I am out of touch. Or perhaps all the candy "testing" I did earlier caused me to hallucinate . . .

Kristen said...

We got about the same- and we bought a 5 1/2 lb. bag of candy and another 2 lb. bag. Tim ate half of said 2 lb. bag (was chocolate) prior to Halloween, but the large bag was mostly junk. Am I being punished for conspiring to hand out junk candy?

Pattie the Domesticator said...

Congrats on making it a year!
I love your play by play of Halloween. Hey, next year if you are feeling lonely missing all those little goblins coming up to your door, feel free to come on down to the Southern US...I swear we must have gone through twenty pounds of candy last night. Of course, that is probably because I ate half of it.

The Waghorns said...

It sounds like you do live on a street of Grinches. What you have to do next year is be the cool house that gives out the WHOLE chocolate bars. Word gets around pretty fast about that house.

Happy blogaversary! Celebrate by doing NaBloPoMo with me! Come on ... be a joiner!

elaine said...

Jeez! You might as well live out in the country! I agree, next year, give out whole candy bars, get 'em from the dollar store or from costco. It's not like you'd have to buy many, and it would save the 'oh just one more, they're little' routine that I do too!

Jay said...

That's so sad.
We live in the "ethnic" part of town where there are no trick-or-treaters at all, so I spent the night huddled under my bed, trying not to hear the screams coming from the television, where a bunch of manly men were pretending not to be scared.

Heather said...

teena: I'm not really into it, but since I trick-or-treated as a kid, I figured I'd better hand it out!

roro: Thanks! I also did quite a bit of candy testing - those kids don't know how lucky they are to have had us test it first to make sure it's safe!

kristen: always give away the crappy candy first, that way you get the good leftovers!

pattie the domesticator: It was very good of you to make sure that candy was safe for those kids to eat.

The Waghorns: Totally a bunch of grinches! Boo! I think next year we may end up getting real chocolate bars for next year. Apparently some show-offs one street over had cotton candy and popcorn.

elaine: totally big turk bars for all the kids next year... and if no one comes? hah more for me!

Jay: yeah! seven! I'd love to live in an ethnic part of town.