Monday, November 06, 2006

Looking a wee bit Haggard, are we?

I found the recent firing and scandal surrounding Rev. Ted Haggard rich, and worthy of comment. The headline read "I'm a deceiver and a liar" but left out the obvious end to that sentence "...smack me, you wicked, wicked boy!! Oooh harder! Pass the meth! OOooh!"

All joking aside (Well, not all joking. You've gotta afford me a few more jokes.) I wonder how many other right-wing Christian Republicans will come out of the closet this week.

I wonder how much self-hate you have to be filled with to behave like he has.

Haggard has been a staunch thorn in the side of same sex marriage, denoucing even same-sex relationships as immoral and wrong (not just denying them marriage).

I'll come right out and admit my initial thought was a wee bit of glee - of the "another one bites the dust" variety, but in the end I'm sad.

I'm sad someone be so filled with hate that they preach against their own sexual orientation? That he's been so ashamed of himself that he's lied about it (first he never met the guy, then maybe he had, then maybe some of what he said was true, but not all of it), and experimented with drugs and extra marital relationships, all the while using money and power and his "faith" to attack others in same sex relationships. The very relationships had on the side.

How sad that he's spent his whole life railing against his own sexual orientation, and worse, he's preached and made things worse for others who share it. As a gay (or bi, considering he had a wife and children) man he may not personally agree with same sex marriage, but how sad he's railed against it so that other same-sex couples can't get married.

Not least, I'm sad he's used his voice to preach hate of others, apparently speaking for a religion that last time I checked was based in loving thy neighour and not casting stones.

Finally, I'd bet it's causing a few people in the New Life Church and the National Evangelical Association to think back and realize why "Rev." Haggard was so eager to goto gay bars to "convert" people. No doubt he left with a whole new flock.

Also, the good news floweth in the 'shwa. Not too long ago, I absolutely despised my job. It became known as the 7th circle of hell among my friends, and I dreaded going to work until I finally quit. (Best. Day. Ever. Can I mention now that as a small firm they've lost 5 lawyers in just over a year? Pretty good record, I'd say! It must still be the employees, not the people running the place! Nope, it has nothing to do with the way the partners run it, no siree!)

My sister, a recent nursing graduate, was finding lately that her first job at a hospital wasn't cutting it either. While it wasn't the 7th circle of hell Dante wrote about, it was, in her estimation the 5th circle of hell.

A few weeks ago she went to a job interview for a position she REALLY wanted, and that I happen to think would be wicked cool, amazing and wonderful. A wee bit of jealousy may be peeking through here, but, after weeks of wondering what happened and if she got the job she found out Friday that she'll be working with the healthy babies program close to where she lives. So there ya go! Nice goin' lainie! Hope this job involves no references to Dante or infernos. We're proud of ya in the 'shwa! ;)


elaine said...

Yay! New job!! Buh-bye bedside!

Okay, so I looked up the 5th circle of hell. Apparently, I had it right! It's the bottom layer of upper hell where the incontinent go (yeah, that right incontinent - HA! how's that for irony!?!). The 5th layer is reserved for wrathful and sullen (which pretty much describes many of my co-workers). Think Dante did bedside nursing??

kittenpie said...

Oh goodness, I keep forgetting to come visit and now I've been reading all your back posts and loving the ranty letters... and fun new banner! Good stuff.

Heather said...

elaine: Hah so appropriate!

kittenpie: Thanks for stopping in.

deadpanann said...

The headline read "I'm a deceiver and a liar" but left out the obvious end to that sentence "...smack me, you wicked, wicked boy!! Oooh harder! Pass the meth! OOooh!"

That just made me laugh until I peed my pants a little

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier--the first sentence of this blog cheered me up considerably :)

Heather said...

deadpanann: Send me your drycleaning bill.

Jen: Happy to have cheered you.