Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free-loader with no more free ride

I don't really even like Britney Spears. She seems rather air-headed and vapid, overexposed, and perhaps past her career prime. Sure she had a few catchy tunes, but her fan base is more likely people younger than me - all the six year olds fixated on her popularity when she first emerged, memorizing every song, every over-sexed dance move. They've grown up, but I'd still say her popularity lies with them in large measure.

I admit am drawn to the gossip blogs, and I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief today when I read she has formally separated from her husband Kevin Federline. Evidently she cited "irreconcilable differences"as the reason. Who knows what really happened, but the rumours are flying.

Federline, as most of you would know started out as her backup dancer, and they eventually married in a surprise ceremony I remember a brief reality tv show where they videotaped their travels together, and, while I don't have cable I caught a few episodes and failed to be impressed by him in the least. He seemed so often the dim-witted moron and she the love-blinded twit unable to see the trainwreck ahead. He appeared to be the quintessential freeloader, who had found the ultimate meal ticket.

Certainly it's sad given that they have two very young children, but somehow I'm sure they'll be fine.

I wonder how far his music "career" as an "artist" will carry him. I wouldn't bet much further than next Tuesday. Poor Fed-Ex. I bet you can hear Shar Jackson (his other ex, and babymomma to his other two kids) from 500 meters right about now.

[New to the news? I've read about it here, here, here, here and here]


teahouse said...

Hmm..I hadn't heard that they'd separated! I did hear that his concert in NYC last week was a huge flop. Apparently he played Webster Hall, which had room for 1,000 people, but only 300 showed up. And he was so late (around 3 hours) that even Britney got annoyed and left!

Poor kids. I do feel sorry for those 2 babies. It's always hard on kids when their parents split up.

Carmen said...

thanks for my gossip news this morning. Though I can't say it's much of a surprise. ;)

Your cats and dogs are so cute from the pics on the left!

Sara said...

hahah "career"

Chi said...

I really don't keep up much with the celeb news but I do enjoy reading gossip from time to time. *s*

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today & am glad you enjoyed the puns.

sunshine scribe said...

Oh how I have missed your blog as I lived under my rock for a few days. I heard it hear first. Off to get caught up on everything else I missed....

roro said...

Oh my god, Heather. I totally squealed yesterday when I found out that Britney was divorcing Kevin "I Wear Socks With My Sandals" Federline. Why do I care? There are more important things going on than Britney Spears divorcing the father of her crotch fruit and yet I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH. Thanks for the links!

I need to get a life.

something blue said...

It is just too easy to make fun of these two. I think their boys will be better off. Kevin doesn't seem like much of a role model. It was never a question of if, only when. Funny that he was in Toronto when she filed the papers.

Teena said...

This wasn't a big surprise. I didn't think it was going to last as long as it did.

Henly said...

If it can't work for Britney and K-Fed, who can it work with.


Heather said...

teahouse: The stories are abound about how badly his record is flopping. I agree it will likely be hard on the kids, but think it's for the better.

carmen: happy to oblige. They're much less cute when they're stomping on us in the morning.

Sara: I dunno, I think he's made a fairly good career of riding coattails, and mooching off people.

chi: I keep up with it way too much. No idea why.

Sunshine Scribe: Hope it was a comfy rock!

roro: I forgot to mention the socks and sandals combination he used. Gah even my dad knows that rule. I too need to get a life.

something blue: they really are an easy target, aren't they. I loved the video of him getting the text message where he found out about it.

Teena: me either, really.

Henly: it truly is a thorn in the side of country lovin'.