Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm a lucky chick

This week Dave's off work for the March break. Since I've just started a new job I really couldn't get time off and vacations aren't an option on account of our "not exactly rolling in the dough" status.

I really thought he should spend this week relaxing and recharging. He's a teacher and his class is, to be generous, a challenging group. You know it's a bad sign when countless teachers came up to me at the staff Christmas doing impressions of students in his class. He totally deserved a break to relax. I joked that I was going to make him a honey-do list for his week off, but I know after quitting a job I hated and the week I had off before starting my cool new job that he probably needed a chance to recharge more than anything just as I did.

Instead of just bumming around and relaxing this week, he's taken the disaster area that was our basement and cleaned it up so that it's an organized and tidy place.

The day we shacked up I moved my things in with the help of my family, and then Dave arrived with his crew (for those up on their geography I lived in Ottawa and he lived in Windsor, about 500 miles apart). It had POURED rain when Dave and crew were loading up the truck, and shortly after they got here it began to pour rain again. In an effort to just get everything in the house most of it just got piled into the basement.

We both had entire households of stuff before we shacked up, but Dave's had been largely boxed up for a few years so we didn't know what was in some of the boxes. From the weekend we moved in (we got here Saturday and both of us were at work Monday) until after Christmas I think we had 2 weekends where we weren't out of town, off visiting friends or having people over, so needless to say lots of the stuff just sat there in boxes in the basement.

It was complete chaos down there. Dave knew it was driving me nuts to have such a crazy cluttered basement (it might have been me saying "we have GOT to tackle the basement this weekend" every 5 minutes that gave it away). Instead of relaxing this week he's worked for hours to clean up the basement. He did a ton of laundry. He even assembled shelves to put things on. He cleared boxes off the floor. While it's not totally done it looks a thousand times better than it did.

I'm a lucky chick I tellya.


TB said...

Yes you are. Can I borrow him? We have boxes in our basement that haven't been opened in the two years that we've lived here. I refuse to move them again when we go to Florida. Refuse.

Heather said...

Not quite yet... he was thinking about fixing and cleaning the BBQ up tomorrow and I think he might even help with the rest of the basement if I play my cards right. That being said he is easily bought with food. :)

(and to repay him I cleaned the house tonight while he was at work and I'll probably rent a steamer to clean the downstairs carpet Saturday and surprise him when he gets home)