Thursday, February 09, 2006

More "developments" etc.

Well I don't like getting into too much personal stuff on this blog cause I never know who reads it, but suffice to say that I've crossed off #33 on my list of 101 things to do.

Tomorrow will be my last day of work at my current job, aptly nicknamed the "7th circle of hell" by friends of mine. When things were finalized, I didn't have a new job to go to which led to a few freakouts on my part.

The good news is I found out today one of the irons I had in the fire panned out perfectly. I've landed what I think will be a really great job. It looks like the new job will have a ton of the cool things that were severely lacking at my current job, including being treated like a human being with feelings and emotions! I have a week off before it starts, which will be quickly filled up with wedding stuff, cleaning the house and tackling our box filled basement.

Tomorrow should be interesting, I can't wait to be done. I'm looking forward to skipping out of there tomorrow, head held high!

Another great thing today- a great friend of mine who had been waiting WAY too long to hear about a job she applied for got the same great news as I did. I'm thrilled for her.

This weekend we're headed to the Garrison Ball in Toronto which is a big military ball, and where Dave proposed last year on a walk along the lake. I'm hoping to get a picture of us along the lakeshore where he proposed since we forgot to get one last year. I am definitely looking forward to relaxing and having a great time. I was worried I'd have to give people the lame-o excuse of being "between jobs" but I'm now excited that I'll be able to say "I've just left a crappy one job and am looking forward to starting a better one soon!"

Oh and I LOVE the new Mary J Blige collaboration with U2 on their song "one." I've been singing it to myself all day. (well that and Todd Rundgren's "bang on the drum all day" with special emphasis on "the boss is a jerk!" part)


elaine said...


Told ya you'd get the job!!

Robin said...

Congrats on the new job! It probably says more about you than me, but I was even impressed with your list of 101 things!