Sunday, February 26, 2006

A lazy weekend

I had hoped this weekend would be full of errand running and some cute dates but since we're both (STILL!) sick we did a lot of sleeping, coughing, and nose blowing, as we've been doing for about a week. Oh, and buying kleenex, I did more of that too.

Friday night we just relaxed and bought groceries. Saturday we awoke in the early afternoon (not like me!) to a nice blanket of snow... it wasn't the 10-15 cm they were calling for, but it was a nice change from the drab brown we were starting to get used to.

We spent some time lounging, then cleaned the house and started prepping dinner. Friends of Dave's came over for dinner and they brought a lovely bottle of wine, and a wicked home made Napoleon for dessert. I'm so impressed with their cooking abilities- mille feuille pastry with home made pastry creme and strawberries - it was as delicious last night for dessert as it was this morning for breakfast. Oh and treats from a doggie bakery for the dogs!

Sunday we slept in (again! this is not like me!) and did the usual dog park and "get the groceries we forgot to get Friday night because we were too tired" thing. The cold really has both of us wiped out, and I can't help but be ticked we spent most of the weekend sleeping. Oh well, once we're feeling better we'll be back to normal I guess. I'm looking forward to having some energy again to go to the gym and run... so far my asthma gets aggravated walking up the stairs so not sure how the gym will go.

The dog park was fun this afternoon. The dogs like it so much more when there's snow to roll around in. This year's on-again-off-again winter was on-again today and they love the cold. They ran scared, as per usual from the mini Aussie shepherd who chased one of our dogs all the way to the parking lot (she's maybe 1/4 their size) Dave and I followed with Dog #2, coughing all the way there. They're both now contentedly sleeping on the floor.

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