Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wherein we get our asses kicked

So with less than six months before the wedding and both of us having recently sprouted comfy-bums (wherein you're happy in your relationship and your butt develops an attitude that it can grow to whatever size it wants because it no longer needs to impress anyone), we've started to hit the Y again with renewed vigour. I'm not a fan of my increasingly comfy bum.

And so, we've decided to go to a spinning class tonight. For the uninitiated this is where you're on bikes as a class and an instructor proceeds to torture your comfy bum for an hour, leaving your face flush and drippey with sweat, heart pumping and brain hoping your lungs will recover from the burns.

And I genuinely mean torture. It was great and made us work hard, especially since we're both STILL getting over colds and aren't yet 100%. We celebrated by taking a nice long bath to soothe what will definitely be jello legs tomorrow.

Hopefully with lots more classes our bums will be less comfy looking!

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