Thursday, January 19, 2006

Updates to ye olde blog

Ok so I guess I can't call it an olde blog since I just started it in October, but there are updates. I've put more pictures in my sidebar, cause I like pictures, and saw it on someone else's blog and thought it was a good idea.

I've also added links to some of the other blogs I read, some I've just started reading and some I'm somewhat embarassed to admit I read.

I've always been one of those people who questioned why celebrities were so interesting, and why they were worth peoples' attention. I very much think the whole "celebrity worshipping" phenomenon where they're elevated on pedestals and worshipped is odd; they're really only people no better or worse than you or I. The pictures of people screaming and clutching their faces when they see their favourite celebrities really kinda make me think there must be something wrong with them. What makes this person so exciting that they get a screaming, face clutching welcome? It's definitely something I wouldn't do. Sure, I had a crush on Michael J. Fox when I was a kid like lots of people, but really, the whole Paris Hilton v. Nicole Ritchie debate to me should be answered with "who cares! Talk about something important!"

This is exactly why my recent obsession with celebrity gossip blogs somewhat bothers me. I've put links to a couple of them on my (new and very fancypants if I do say so myself) sidebar but there are TONS of them.

It's not that I've now become celebrity obsessed or have picked sides on the Paris v. Nicole debate (thankfully I can still answer that question with a resounding WHO CARES!) but somehow it's like driving past an accident, and I can't help but want to read the insidious posts about their lives. It's interesting to read about how odd some of them are (depending on what you believe and what you define as odd), their foibles, and sometimes their remarkably odd choices of clothing.

I have no desire to be a celebrity (good thing since I definitely don't look like one, have the talent to be one, wasn't born into the "right family" to be one, and I do not have the required booger sugar habit that would at least make it interesting). I really wouldn't envy a life like that, but somehow, and for some reason, I keep reading.

I think it's my interest in human nature - not only reading what these people do, what people are guessing they're doing, but the odd people commenting on these blogs. I've never really felt inclined to choose liking Bennifer II over Bennifer I, who wore the dress better: Kirsten Dunst or Reese Witherspoon, whether Brad's a bad guy for leaving Jen for Angelina or not, or which desperate housewife is trawling for which celebrity guy.

It does, however, fascinate me that other people care about these people they've never met and feel the need to type empassioned messages (in ALL CAPS) to make their point to other, celebrity obsessed people.

So, I kinda figure it's like cotton candy for the brain. Hopefully it won't rot my teeth out.

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elane1958 said...

Ah, something I agree with you. (haha) I never could understand the celebrity worship either. While I might enjoy certain movies with certain 'stars' in them, I certainly could care less who they're doing, what color underwear they're wearing and who wore what at which award show. Big deal!! These people cough, sneeze, sit on toilets and put they're pants on one leg at a time. The only time I give any of them a second thought is when I see someone like that moron that jumped on Oprah's couch. That nauseated me. Grow up!! I never buy the rag mags because most of the stories aren't true and even if they were, I say again, "WHO CARES!!"