Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More joys of mid sized white bread cities

This morning on the way to work in the mid sized white bread city where we live I pulled up to a stoplight. My drive is short, and usually pretty uneventful. So, when I pulled up next to an old chevy Astro van, complete with rusty panels and two tone paint that was flaking off I didn't think much of it until I inched forward to see past it.

That's when I noticed the old, rusted out, two tone Astro had big shiny spinning rims, glowingly spinning in the early morning light.

I should also note that my sighting was almost complete when I noticed the requisite garter hanging from the rearview mirror.

Unfortunately, with reports like this I would normally love to include details about the driver's mullet and variety, but sadly, I could not see the driver from my car.

I have no idea why spinning rims on a minivan are so entertaining to me.

1 comment:

elaine said...

I'd say I'm surprised....but..well I'm not....

I should get John to get some of those....