Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Oh no! Dave was the victim of a cougar attack!

Ok it's not that bad, but at the mall Dave was totally hit on by a cougar in the presence of its teenaged young.

He was waiting in line at the tailoring place and the clerk was going along the line figuring out how many people had work that had to be done. She came to Dave, the Cougar and its young asked if they were all together. The cougar apparently said "no" then looked at Dave up and down and said "I wish!" and flashed him a smile. The young, in an expression of displeasure apparently groaned and muttered "aw mom."

What makes this more remarkable is that the species described wasn't even the traditional cougar you might expect to find in the 'shwa. She was evidently in her late 40s, certainly cougar territory, but none of the traditional animal prints were visible to the eye. Thankfully, we can offer no comment on clothes not visible to the naked eye. She was wearing a suit, and was apparently not unattractive. Dave even saw a ring on her finger which did not look like it was bought on sale at Zellers.

Wildlife in the 'shwa never ceases to amaze me!

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elane1958 said...

Predatory wildlife or a comment made by a female appreciating the eye candy before her?