Saturday, December 17, 2005

My encounter with rapini

So, on my list of 101 things to do I had to try a new veggie I've never tried.

I'd seen several cooking shows that showed how to make rapini (aka broccoli raab or rabe), so when we were at the grocery store earlier in the week I figured we should pick some up, and I could try a new veggie (a good thing to do anyway) and cross something off my list.

I washed trimmed it just like the internet said to, and put it in a frying pan with some (vegetarian) chicken stock, a dash of olive oil, and some garlic. I add garlic to just about everything, and figured that if rapini wasn't so hot, it would at least taste a garlicky.

Sadly, I've gotta say rapini won't be on my "buy again soon" list. It's harsh tasting and bitter and leaves an even uglier aftertaste. Not even the garlic could save it!

Hopefully the new fruit I try won't turn out so bad!

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