Sunday, December 18, 2005

Memories of househunting and an Asian market! In Whitebreadville!

The other day when we were heading back from the Y we decided to take a little detour and see if this house we looked at when we were buying was still on the market.

The house stuck out in our memories because when you looked at the picture it looked like a nice big wide house; but through the trick of digital images it was shaped more like a rocket and we were disappointed when we got there. We might've just left but the owners were sitting on the front porch so we felt kinda obligated to go through. It was tastefully decorated (as compared to some of the homes which were decked out in (and this is NO exaggeration here; we had been to houses with 2 inch high green and blue shag carpet...) that is until you got to the master bedroom. There we found a giant mirrored closet, huge mirrors on the wall, and, the best part, mirrors ALL OVER the ceiling! Seriously! I was expecting a porno movie crew to jump out and say "Rolling! Take one!"

Dave snickered to himself, and well, I'll be honest, I was having a difficult time suppressing full out howling laughter and we went back downstairs to check out the rest of the house. We just weren't up to the challenge of taking off all those mirrors (and before you ask, we weren't up to the challenge of leaving them up! I do not count myself among the pretty people in this world). Either the house had sold (to some equally perverted couple) or they took it off the market.

Ok so back to the market story; we were driving back home when I saw this little place with plastic over the windows and plants growing in the windows, but it basically looked abandoned. I didn't have any cash on me but we vowed to go back again to check it out.

When I walked up today I was half thinking the door would be locked but the moment I opened it I heard someone yell "Merry Christmas!" and all was well. It turned out to be a fairly good market too! I picked up some bean thread vermicelli, rice paper, tapioca balls (gotta make bubble tea for my 101 things list), and peanut sauce. There was no debit machine, but I'll be back to pick up miso paste and the guy said he would look for tom yum soup mix for me as well. I'm so excited! An Asian market, in Whitebreadville, less than a couple minutes from our house! I feel like the guy on the cash for life who just yells "faaaan-tastic!"

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