Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Best idea EVER

I think Dave, by way of the internets has found what is perhaps the world's best invention. Sure, you may tout the best invention being some immunization from disease that saves hundreds of lives, or some device that brings quality of life to others and such good things.

I, however, think this is one of the most genius inventions ever. It appeals to my devilish side. I am filled with regret that I didn't have one this time last year when I was in a job I hated. Since Dave told me about it I can't help but exclaim repeatedly "Oh my God that thing is GENIUS," and so I figure that might make it worth sharing.

It's called the Annoy-a-Tron.

It's a little magnetic device that looks like this.

It emits a very annoying high frequency noise, either at 2 or 12kHz (apparently 12 is the more annoying of the two). It emits said annoying noise every 2-8 minutes, making it unpredictable and all the more difficult to find.

It's a magnet so it'll stick to lots of desks or filing cabinets, and you could easily move it.

And it only costs $10.00!

It lasts three to four weeks on a single battery. That's three to four weeks of annoying beeps every two to eight minutes.

I could kiss the geek who invented this. I can genuinely think of some people (cough 7th circle of hell* cough cough) I'd love to unleash this thing on.

(Yes, I'm aware that makes me immature and vengeful, no, I don't care.)

What genius thing to do. You could literally drive someone out of their gourd with this! I know a few people who are deserving of such a device.

Who'd you like to see driven insane by just such a device?


The Retropolitan said...

Now if they could just get it to talk on a cell phone in a theater every two to eight minutes, it would be the ultimate annoyance device.

DJ Alley said...

OMG!!! I need this for one of my PROFS!!! Does it emit poison gas too!??!?!?!

Luck o' the Irish said...

SOLD! I'd like to order approx. 217. For everyone who is not only annoying, but a total and complete asshat.

Dad said...

Great idea, but don't buy me one for Christmas!

- love Dad

Heather said...

the retropolitan: Hah very true. To me it's not just the talking but the lights from the phone. I recommend jelly tots as throwing devices to alert people to their rudeness. They go further than popcorn.

dj alley: Oh man i'm still bitter about my Canadian history prof at mac! Maybe if you befriend some nerd he could rig it to emit gas?

luck o' the irish: You used my favourite word! Asshat! I think 217 is about the number of ones I'd need.

dad: It's not in your stocking!

kittenpie said...

Love that. It is most certainly genius indeed. Too bad I just moved back to the branch with people I like...

Heather said...

kittenpie: You could always pay the old branch a visit, no? A device like this would be particularly effective in a library.