Thursday, November 23, 2006


We may have hardwood floor in the kitchen! We won't know until we completely destroy the current flooring! If it's there it's buried under two layers of linoleum (which includes uber sticky glue), two layers of plywood, and lord knows what else. This may take some digging. Anyone want to have a tile party? Hardwood refinishing party? Any takers? No? Shucks.

Not even the dog can feign interest.

(Yes, the floors look that dirty 30 seconds after they've been swept. Animal hair everywhere here)

News item of the day? Also? Now THIS is a HIGH rise.


ElaineMI said...

Being the owner of 4 dogs (all long hair) and 2 cats, I certainly understand the hair everywhere. With 2 of my 4 being white dogs going thru a shed, I never seemed to learn that this is NOT the time to wear black. But, black I wear and after I leave the house, I'm appalled that I look like a polar bear. Since you have 2 white dogs too, you can relate.

Get a good (and I mean GOOD) vacuum cleaner. I highly recommend the Dyson. That sucks up everything. Including dogs and cats that get in the way....HEY, I think I now understand why they run when I get it out.

kittenpie said...

totally great find, and worth the pain. Yippee for the GOOD finds an old house can offer! (unlike our wiring...)

Teena said...

I love hardwood flooring! I had it in my last apartment and it look so great after I'd Mopped and Glowed it. It was a lot of work, though. We have carpet here and I'd love to rip it up and put down flooring.

Heather said...

elainemi: I think our next vacuum will be a central vac system. Our guys run when even Hairy, our roomba is running.

kittenpie; I'll be turning to your for advice, since I have no idea what to do from here. We recently re-did a whack of wiring, I feel your pain.

teena: I love it too, especially with asthma, but it definitely isn't as forgiving as carpet when it comes to pet hair being visible.