Friday, November 24, 2006

Dear NaBloWhaFo,

I think I don't wanna be your friend anymore. I'm tired, having just come from visiting my parents and sister for my dad's birthday (I said nice things about him last year, which was not amidst this BloPo crap, and happy birthday dad)). They have a big fancy pants TV and wine that comes in reeallllly big bottles and this chocolate cheesecake thingy, with an espresso mousse top, and toasted almonds, and holy crap was it freaking awesome. I drank some vino ate some, and Dave drove home while I practically snored in the passenger seat.

But back to NaBloPoMoFo. Apparently I don't have much to say, and certainly not enough to keep it interesting. Hell, the 3 people who read this rag of a blog have probably left given how uber boring it's been around here. Ooooh they want to re-do their kitchen! Ooooh there's their ugly linoleum! Oooh they had dinner. Oooh something funny in the news! How charming! Bleh!

I think the issue that I have with you, NaBloPoFoWha, is that I like this whole writing thing and sharing little quips about our life in the 'shwa, but frankly think the blogosphere hearing from me Every. Day. On. End. is enough to make all of the three people who read this blog run away, and perhaps screaming. There are only so many quips I can share before I get to be posting the cat. And I've seriously considered it.

I will work it out, though. I will finish you like leftovers in the fridge I don't want to go to waste, even though you didn't taste so great the first time, and are even raunchier after a thorough microwaving. Because I started, and damnit I will finish. I'm stubborn like that.

So please, dear three people who read this, bear with me. I promise when the "must-come-up-with-post, oh-hell-no-time-to-be-funny-or-witty, just barf words on internet" stuff is over I'll lay off and try think of actual, interesting posts. Less quantity, and hopefully, more quality (but the only thing I promise without budging is less quantity). Try not to be driven away by the level of inane-ness my blog currently has. I'm working on it.

Crankpants in the 'shwa


The Waghorns said...

No, Heather, don't ... I mean, do ... I mean, don't stop posting! 5 more days, that's all. Come on, a good stiff drink and you'll get through.

Colleen said...

Go ahead and post the cat. I posted the baby today! :)

Leslie said...

Haha! Your posts are not at the "just barf words on the internet" stage at all! But I know what you mean. My posts are getting soooo horrible. But damn, we've come this far, we must carry on!

Heather said...

the waghorns: I won't stop posting (because I'm stubborn like that), but likey will take your advice on the good stiff drink.

colleen: I think posting the baby is a step or two above posting the cat. (and what a cute baby!)

Leslie: Yeah, it's okay, I can admit it to myself that they're just barf on the internet. your posts on the other hand are still cool. Am carrying on, with advice of booze to supplement my fortitute.

something blue said...

You are entertaining!

It's all mystery meatloaf leftovers that I never cooked the first time and I don't know how they got in my fridge. No one wants any of it.

carrster said...

hee hee - this cracked me up! I feel exactly the same way. Ah well....I guess I AM doing it just for ME! :)

TB said...

I have to say, as much as I enjoy reading the blogs I read, a post every day for a month has been really really hard to keep up with and I am glad November is coming to an end :o)

Heather said...

something blue: thanks, even if I don't believe you. ;) Soon this silly thing will be over. No idea how you do it with kids, I can barely keep up and I don't have any little people I'm responsible for.

carrster: I think it's a fairly universal sentiment.

tb: Me too.

Erika said...

I personally call it NaPoblahblah, because that's exactly what I am doing, blah, blah, blah! We're almost there!

Heather said...

erika: Blah is right, so glad it's almost over.