Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Food, glorious food

But first, an ode to farmers' markets. This weekend we decided to be cutesy and go apple picking at a local orchard.

It's a fairly big operation, and while it's late in the season we were able to find some fantastic empire apples and picked a peck (or maybe two).

This particular place also has a market store selling apples, cutesy stuff, bread, and other locally produced goods.

We walked out with a Kawartha Lakes Dairy small 500 ml brick of chocolate ice cream. That stuff is pure gold - local creamery, perfect chocolate ice cream. I still remember getting it as a kid. We also brought home some home made potato and cheddar perogies, some fresh multigrain bread, cheddar cheese curds, and aged cheddar from a local farm.

On the way home we decided that from now on we'd get as much of our food as possible from the little farmers' markets here, and only buy what we can't get at the big chain grocery stores.

The perogies are absolutely fantastic, and every day for lunch I've had a couple of cheese curds and a crisp fall apple to eat. It's been such a fantastic treat.

For dinner last night Dave made my mum's nappa cabbage salad, a favourite of both of ours. It's easy to make and SO yummy:

Nappa cabbage, sliced finely (yes, you must use nappa cabbage, the other stuff just won't do)
green onion chopped
dry ramen noodles smashed up (definitely good for venting frustrations)
sunflower seeds or sliced almonds
(anything else you'd like to add, mix in bowl)

rice wine or cider vinegar
olive oil
garlic powder
soya sauce

Combine ingredients, shake and pour dressing, enjoy. I recommend enjoying while watching downloaded episodes of Gilmore Girls (if you're so lame to have rabbit ears and no cable tv). Be forewarned that when Lorelai runs into Luke you will feel the urge to throw cabbage at the screen. Gah! What does it mean she called Chris! I'm so not a soap opera watcher, but I'm officially addicted to that show again. I think I'll be fiddling with the rabbit ears to see if we can watch it tonight!

Tonight we're having a cheesy risotto (ah president's choice, how I love thee) with fresh peas, and probably chicken. Nothing like good, stick to your ribs food to brighten a rainy day.


wordgirl said...

I've had that stuff with the ramen and cabbage! Fantastic!

TB said...

Crisp delicious apples and fresh cider are among the few things I will miss about living in the north.
They actually sell fake autumn colored leaves in the stores here for people to use in decorating. It's bizarre.

sunshine scribe said...

Oh wow that sounds delicious. I am so hungry now and off to print out this recepie.stat.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I loves me a good farmer's market. The food tastes better and it's worth the couple of extra cents you pay for it instead of buying the same food at a supermarket.

Thanks for the recipe! I'm going to try that out.

Jay said...

Curds! Curds!
You make me so homesick.

Teena said...

Is Kawartha Lakes Dairy the one in Bobcaygeon? If so, I was there twice in May (I spent a weekend with a friend in Dunsford). Their ice cream is very yummy!!!!

Heather said...

Wordgirl: I LOVE it!

tb: I'm sure the sun and the beach will cushion the loss. :)

sunshine scribe: Hope you like it!

Mrs Chicky: me too!

Jay: I'm sure you can find good ones in TO.

Teena: I think they have a store in Bobcaygeon. The ice cream is all gone, but man was it good!