Friday, October 20, 2006

Good idea, bad idea

I make it a point to NEVER blog about work. While it gives me some fantastic stories I'd love to share, I usually can't (or just plain don't) share them.

The other day something happened that I think is worthy of breaking the above rule.

You see, when you go to court, you line up at a wanding station just inside the door. It's like airport security. You empty your pockets, they search the things you put there, and you go through the metal detector thingy, get wanded down by another officer. It's a pretty elaborate setup, and it's nice that as a lawyer I completely get to skip it.

So I was standing near the front entrance to the court the other day, talking to someone, when I heard the officer at the wanding station say "whose is this" I turned around.

There he stood with a big ziploc bag that had been pulled out of someone's purse - big enough for about a pound of grapes - full of marijuana. All three people who had just gone through said "it's not mine!"

Let's review:
good idea: attend court dates as required by law
bad idea: bring illicit substances with you to said court dates


TB said...

Dude, even if you had smoked a joint before going to court, you would probably remember NOT to bring your entire stash with you, right? I mean come ON.

That's hilarious.

mamatulip said...

OMG. I totally would have volunteered to confiscate that.

ElaineMI said...

Um, I think the reason that the dumkoff that brought that to court is because he/she isn't too bright to begin with. Let's look under the words "To stupid to be out alone" and I bet we'd find out who belongs to the pot.

BTW, Heather, did you ever get that present from Sara and Scott yet?

sunshine scribe said...

Now THAT is classic!

Nancy said...

At least the rightful owner knew enough not to 'fess up right then and there. Must be they hadn't smoked any of it before court! ;-)

Heather said...

TB: Yeah I don't think it was too well thought through.

mamatulip: hah yeah. The cops tell me they flushed it, so somewhere in Lake Ontario some fish are getting the munchies.

elainemi: I did, and thanks so much for it. It's sitting out on my front porch welcoming everyone.

sunshine scribe: I thought so too.

Nancy: They couldn't really sort out whose it was, so no one was charged (which is unusual in my experience - usually they just charge everyone)