Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ah the searches

With the promise of new! great! features! I decided to sign up for Blogger Beta. I had no idea that would completely prevent me from commenting on ANY blogs now, despite numerous attempts to do so. If you have a blog with blogger rest assured, I've tried a gagillion times to try to comment without success. I'd even like to say I think some of the comments were witty and funny. But now, you'll never know, because blogger won't let me comment.

Also? I have to admit I'm amazed at some of the searches that my site meter says led people to click on my blog. I'll admit to making a few weird searches on the internet on my own, but I have to say the things that people searched for and actually clicked on my blog hoping to find? Truly bizarre. Behold:

  • doing up a bra: I'd have to say, I'm not sure reading about it can really be of much help. It's a skill best learned in person.
  • I left my bra on the mailbox so she could find me: this seems like quite the strategy. Most people would try calling or e-mailing, never really heard about the "bra on mailbox" routine.
  • sweat acid red patch near bum: That sounds like a problem you should see your doctor about. Both the red patch and the sweating acid sweat thing. Neither sounds too healthy. And no, I don't want a picture. Thank heavens I wasn't smart enough to go into medicine.
  • Why do my smoke alarms go off: Hrm. I dunno. That truly is puzzling. Going out on a limb here but maybe because there's A FIRE! (Or, I've come to visit you and am cooking. That frequently puts smoke alarms in a tizzy.)
  • humility for in door by dehumidifier: Our dehumidifier is pretty brash and prideful. I really don' think the humble ones work as well, frankly.
  • pinkey sized monkeys: Now that I'd like to see. Though, in this house MORE animals would clearly qualify us for the nuthouse.


snackiepoo said...

Oh I love the random stuff that sitemeter brings to my blog, too.

Congrats on the wedding, btw. I have been out of the loop but you looked beautiful!

mamatulip said...

I left my bra on the mailbox so she could find me


sweatpantsmom said...

I'm so afraid to ask what anyone would do with Pinkey Sized Monkeys.

Jonathon said...

I love that someone out there is actually searching for "doin' up a bra".

TB said...

I guess that's better than Monkey Sized Pinkeys.

Her Bad Mother said...

Beta blogger scares me for the reasons you state. I'm staying away for now.

And... whaddup with all the bra searches? And monkeys?

Andrew said...

So that's where I'd seen your web site before, I knew it was familiar!!!......I mean *ahem* yes, those are very peculiar searches. I wonder who would dream of searching for...such things.

Heather said...

snackiepoo: Thanks!

mamatulip: Yeah, no idea how that system would work.

sweatpantsmom: Me too, but they sound like they'd be fun. maybe like seamonkeys, only a bit bigger?

jonathon: Me too! Thanks for stopping by!

TB: Yeah I think I'd prefer my short and stumpy little pinkies to monkey sized ones too.

Her bad mother: Ah the importance of research before delving in to not so undo-able damage. Yeah, kinda skipped that step. I write one post about a shitty running bra and bam! Bra searches everywhere!

Andrew: hah! I guess to each their own...