Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dear wedding dress alterations place,

I would consider it an essential component of your job and continued success as a business to NOT lose components of a person's dress.

Say like heavily beaded straps to someone's wedding that is three days away.

And, should you fail in that basic component of your job, then blaming the customer for you losing the straps because they did not give you the dress in a zipped garmet bag to enclose said straps would not be such a great idea. Because, really? It's your job not to lose the straps. Not mine.

And finding a strap colour, that, while similar is not exactly right and proclaiming it "perfect" won't hide the fact that you LOST THE FREAKING STRAPS TO MY DRESS.

Also, when you say you "won't charge me" for making new straps I just want to yell "No shit, sherlock!" into the phone. Because suggesting that you would have charged someone to make straps when you're the one who lost them in the first place? Yeah that's not cool, and will result in the person getting very crusty.

And, a $25 refund for the inconvenience of traveling back and forth to your store all day while you "look everywhere" for them on $260 of alterations really doesn't cut it, especially when one also rented a crinoline from you and paid to have you make one's veil.

So yeah, you can deliver the dress tomorrow, but the beading on the straps better be perfect and like the old ones or there'll be one really, really unhappy camper.


[Edited to add: the alterations place dropped the dress off yesterday with the "new! Just as nice!" straps. Yeah um they look ass-tacular, like three blind mice sewed on the wrong beads in completely random fashion. The fabric isn't the same weave or colour but at this point I have no choice. Strapless it is!]


mamatulip said...


*deep breath in* It will all work out.

*deep breath out*

Sara said...

I know I told you this earlier...

BUT.. consider it fate. You WANTED a strapless dress, the dress was DESIGNED as a strapless dress... and now you'll have a strapless dress :)

It'll be great. You're getting what you wanted all along. SO a good thing.. seriously.

sunshine scribe said...


You know that it will work out. It will.

Hang in there ... its almost time!

Leslie Waghorn said...

Oh. My. God.

I can't believe that! Actually, if it's anything going wrong having to do with a wedding, I can.

Deep breath out, generous shot of tequila in.

Question: Does the dress shop which lost your straps know that they lost the straps to the wedding dress of a lawyer?

Henly said...

With each story from you and Sara, I become a bit more grateful I got married on the beach in shorts and sandals..

It was so, so simple.

Heather said...

mamatulip: yeah no worries, I was just so crusty about it at the time a blog vent seemed necessary.

Sara: it just sucks I paid for alterations to accommodate the straps and the re-beading of them. Asshats.

Sunshine scribe: It's all gravy really. Nothing I can do but badmouth them to anyone who asks!

Leslie: any tips for an intravenus tequila drip? My sister's a nurse so she can help with the technical parts. We have lots of booze on hand.

henly: Yeah and the pics from your wedding looked great too. Oh well, we'll be on a beach with turquoise waters soon enough!

lildb said...

strapless is sexxxy.

you're getting MARRIED, girl!!! yeahhhh! :)


something blue said...

Vent away.

You must be so excited as your day is almost here! Can't wait to see photos of your dress.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog a while back and have been following ever since. I'm so excited for you ... and I don't even know you! I hope you enjoy your special day and the honeymoon that follows. I look forward to reading about it once you return.

TB said...

I don't know if you guys will get this before the wedding and honeymoon. I just wanted to say good luck have a wonderful day and a great vacation!
I hope it's everything you dreamed and more and I can't wait to see pictures!

scarbie doll said...

Happy wedding!!

sunshine scribe said...

Thinking of you this weekend. Hope the wedding was amazing. Can't wait to hear all the details!!

Brooke said...

Doesn't sound Bridezilla to me! You deserve to get what you want. Go get 'em girl!

Heather said...

lildb: Not sure it was on me, but the married part is still fun!

something blue: I guess it's kinda redundant (oh how I'm behind on blog comment replying) but at that time I was really looking forward to it - now I'm just glad it's over and am desperate for one day to myself to relax!

Anonymous: Thanks anonymous!

TB: Thanks! It was fantastic, better than we planned for and we had a blast.

scarbie doll: Thanks!

Sunshine Scribe: It was!

Brooke: The way I was upset about it it was like I'd asked the lady at the alteraions place to deliver her first born to me on a platter with a gazillion dollars.