Thursday, July 13, 2006

Two narrow misses and a hit

Ah the wedding crap. It's never ending it seems, just like my posts about it seem to be. Invites and thank-yous are being received, though my thank-yous are arriving a week and a half after they were mailed which makes me look like a jerk. Thanks, Canada Post! Tuxes? Also done.

When it came to shopping for my dress, being the indecisive fashion moron that I am, picking a dress was, well, hard. I have friends who tried on THE dress the first time they put one on. Yeah, not me. My sorry butt is indecisive and it took a crowd of 5 people saying "that's it" to convince me. I still think I may have picked the wrong one, but? Too bad! Too late now!

So, when picking out a dress, I went with an entourage of mum, sister and two friends, and hit a bunch of bridal salons in the area. I almost ordered the dress at a place I'll call Bridal Store S. I'd heard good things about Bridal Store S. I tried the dress on it on at Bridal Store F, liked it there, but it was a wee bit cheaper because alterations were included at Bridal Store S.

Then, I freaked out at the money it would cost - it seemed stupid to spend $1000 on a dress I'd only ever wear once. So, I ordered it on eBay, for half the price. Yay eBay.

When it came to BM dresses, I ordered them from Bridal Store F, only because it was closer than Bridal Store S when I went looking with my sister.

I called to check on the BM dresses Saturday because they said they'd be in sometime in early July. But, bridal Store F said "oh no, they won't be in until early August, despite what we told you when you ordered them." Yeah, not gonna work. Wedding in late August, early August is NOT ENOUGH TIME.

Cue calm, but deliberately firm Hairy Canary from Bridezilla. Bridal Store F says they'd "look into it" for me.

Luckily, four days later the dresses are contentedly hanging in our living room. Phew. Narrow Miss Number One. (luckily my bridesmaids don't look anywhere near as dorky as these two lovely ladies modeling them. They're tea length if you're the curious type)

Narrow Miss Number Two was something I witnessed at Bridal Store F. While the clerk tried figuring out how to ring the BM dresses through (a process which, in and of itself took 20 minutes and took a few "what was that? what button do I press next?" questions of fellow employees), a frantic couple rushes up to the desk, out of breath.

I shamelessly eavesdrop and hear that they're in a wedding on Saturday (this being Wednesday!), and had ordered and paid for dresses at Bridal Store S, but because Store S isn't paying its bills to dress manufacturer, they won't ship the dresses out to them. They were being told for weeks at Bridal Store S that the dresses would be in "next week" and they never came! Apparently these people were the tenth panicked people who were wedding dress-less for a wedding in a matter of days. So glad I was too lazy to drive to Bridal Store S.

The one hit? The bridesmaid dresses! They're cute! They actually match the tux vests we picked out for the guys so closely it's like I knew all along! Yay blind luck! (Enough exclamation points Heather, it's getting annoying!)

So, anyone have any wedding horror stories to share? I'm getting my dress altered tomorrow, and there's nothing like a few great horror stories to quicken the pulse and strike fear in the mind of a bride-to-be.


Mrs. Chicky said...

Ugh, I think I'd rather give birth again than have to plan another wedding. But soon it will be over! And you can laugh along with the rest of us.

Can't wait to see a picture of your dress.

Elaine said...

DUDE! You never told me that! Wow-wee, talk about a near miss! SOOO glad you didn't order there! I thought it was a bit stetchy (the whole having to ring the doorbell to get in...I guess that's in case a pissed off bridal party shows up).

I guess my wedding planning horror stories are yet to come....

elaine said...

...and you're right...we won't look any where NEAR as dorky as those two models! We'll all look gorgeous I'm sure. Especially the one with the excessive head tilt. Looks like she pulled a muscle in an unfortunate accident on the way to the wedding...

elaine said...

...and DUDE you're dress IS the right one! Trust us!!

TB said...

Sounds like everything's coming together. That's awesome.

I planned a very casual beach wedding. It was so low stress I thought there was no way anything could go wrong. Jeff and I planned to surprise all our guests by kayacking in to the ceremony. An hour before the photographer was supposed to arrive, the kayacks, which had been beached at the empty house next door, floated out to sea with the high tide and Jeff was swimming 1/2 mile out into the ocean to retrieve them when the photographer arrived. Yeah I was a bit stressed. But it all worked out in the end and we have a great story to tell now. In fact, I plan on writing the whole thing out for our anniversary blog entry.
Good luck with the continued planning and try not to stress. It's not worth it because on the day of your wedding, the only thing that matters is you two.

roro said...

I have no wedding horror stories - but I may soon have "planning a move across the country in 2 weeks" stories. I look forward to swapping horror. And those dresses are mighty cute.

Izzy said...

I wouldn't call it a horror story but I am the idiot that planned an outdoor wedding for July in Florida. yes, the hottest, rainiest, most humid month of the year and I picked it.

But I am one of those people that fell in love with and bought the first dress I tried on :)

wordgirl said...

Oh...the wisdom of hindsight! If I had it to do over again, I would SO do some things differently. The colors, the dresses...some of the house party. But 20 years ago I was trying to cut costs and I wasn't really paying attention to what I really wanted. Maybe because I knew that money would always be a factor and so I knew I'd never really get what I wanted. Bridesmaid's dresses in a French blue taffeta that I despise and regret...


But what's important is the relationship. Styles will change and traditions change. Few people look back and say, "wow...I'd do it like that again today". But the guy I chose? Yeah...I'd do that part again. Keep reminding yourself that it's the crappy little stuff that's making things difficult. That makes it easier to remember that NONE OF IT REALLY MATTERS.

mamatulip said...

The only thing I found really difficult about planning my wedding was that because my mother died in the middle of all the planning, I put it all off until the last minute. I briefly entertained the thought around the end of August of cancelling the entire thing, but we were too far into it to do that. When I did pick up the planning again, I was told by several people, in the wedding-planning business and outside of it, that I'd left things too late and wouldn't be able to pull it off. That stressed me out a bit. Then I found out I was pregnant, and couldn't get off the couch for two months. That stressed me out a bit, too.

But you know what? It went off without a hitch. It wasn't a fancy wedding, but it was my wedding and I loved it. Yeah, my father got shitfaced, threw up on guests and told people he was having a heart attack, prompting them to call an ambulance, but it was fun. We still make fun of him about that. Good times.

I can't wait to see your dress. That's the best part, the dress. And the presents. And the dancing. ;)

Heather said...

Mrs. Chicky: I sent you a picture of the dress! (and will send it to anyone who cares to see it, just can't post it on the blog in case da boy sees it).

Elaine: I sure hope you guys are right about the dress!

TB: that kayaking idea sounds wicked! I love it, but man can I see how that'd be stressful.

roro: I can't believe you're leaving the GTeh! All this for a fantastic career move for a partner!? I hear Vancouver's gorgeous and I hope the moving gods smile upon you both (but for the love of God do not use U-Haul).

izzy: yeah I was wilting a bit this week when I went to get the dress fitted and they made me wear a crinoline... dude that thing is hot (and to be fair it was over 100F up here that day).

Wordgirl: you said it!

mamatulip: Yeah I think I was definitely in need of some perspective, and your comment gave me exactly that. I'll email you my dress.