Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tidbits from the 'shwa

  • I think I have shoes for the wedding! Yay!
  • Dave said at Crappy Tire that we should pose for a photo he'd have called Oshawa Gothic. We were standing in Canadian Tire, having bought a shovel for the garden, a push broom, a bag of grass seed and a sprinkler. Yay for marrying a BFA kid who makes jokes like that.
  • Oh, and if you were wondering, getting a zit right where you got stitches on your chin as a kid? Freaking hurts! Especially if you're a whiner!
  • Though they were 2 hours and 46 minutes late (not that I was counting) on Friday two dudes came and fixed our AC. AAANNND within 5 minutes they could tell it WAS NOT the freaking thermostat, as we'd suspected all along! Take that stupid Bruno the mute, balding German from the other AC place! To put it in words poor, slow, Bruno would understand, I'll just say "eet iees NOT de shermoshtat. you vere vrong!" Dave put a stop on the cheque he wrote to Bruno and the other guys. Hah! Take that, completely incompetent air conditioning dudes!
  • We ordered flowers for the wedding and finally finished up and mailed the invites. Sorry Dave, too late to back out now!
  • Two large dogs having diarrhea (called No Fun Bum or NFB in our house) on different days this week meant hours of gastrointestinal fun for all. Don't worry, details are ot forthcoming, I'll just say it was highly gross and not something we ever hope to repeat (for their sakes and ours) and move on. We used so much bleach to clean the floor today it smells like we have an indoor pool in here. Sadly, we do not. But! We have air conditioning! And it works!
  • While out running errands today we were cut off by a guy in another car I named Hairy McRomanNose. I thought about calling the police, but really, I think the universe had already punished the guy enough.
  • I got a new pair of running shoes and running capris (they were cute! and on sale!) and took both for a spin tonight. I didn't go far or fast (4k in 30 min) but it was still good to go out. And now, I'm gonna plunk myself into the tub and use a little of the Uplifting Mandarin bubble bath from The Body Shop we were given cause it's the closest thing I can afford to a slice of heaven.
Oh and Rhett? He's so very tired and enjoying the new ikea basket:


Jay said...

By the looks of it, I think I would enjoy the basket.

Heather said...

Jay: Why is it that that the cats have a place perfectly designed to fit them to curl up and we have no such place (ie a hammock) in our back yard? I'm starting to think we have our priorities backwards.

mamatulip said...

That is the most comfortable looking cat I've ever seen. Makes me want to sleep in a basket.

Izzy said...

lol @ Oshawa Gothic! Very clever :)

Yay for A/C, Boo for doggy diarrhea and your kitty is sooo cute!

sunshine scribe said...

Love Oshawa Gothic. You've gotta take that picture.

You are really movin with the wedding stuff!

Whinger said...

Oh, sad SAD week for the dogs, but yay on the new fun running capris!

TB said...

Geez you have a ton going on right now. I don't know how you manage to stay so calm!

Here's to no more NFB for anyone!

DJ Alley said...

Hey, I need your phone number for the hair apt bookings..sorry not sure of any other way to get a hold of you..hehehe. Email me...

Nancy said...

LOL at "Hairy McRomanNose!!!" Yep, based on your description it does sound like karma's a bitch where he's concerned. ;-)

And that cat looks so content I just want to climb in with him.

Heather said...

mamatulip: he always finds a way to be comfortable.

Izzy: Yay for AC indeed.

Sunshine scribe: the wedding crap is flying fast and furious right now.

Whinger: Sad week for dogs, but sad also for owners who have to hose giant dogs off and get up in the night in case of accidents.

Nancy: It really was pretty mean, but he really looked like the model for ancient Roman marble statutes, but hairier.