Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Happy Thoughts

  • When eating guacamole, wear a skirt with a pattern like this. It will hide TONS of drips of guacamole that land in your lap. All the better when the skirt is comfy and costs $14.99.

  • Making frozen margaritas is difficult when you don't own a blender, but, despite the difficulties that come with making them, they make prepping, re-plastering and sanding walls MUCH more enjoyable on a Friday night. (we have a hand blender, though, which was deemed "close enough" for the task)
  • Finding a gift certificate for a restaurant you totally forgot you had and having dinner out with it on a Friday night on a patio is fantastic! (leftovers for lunch make it all the better)


wordgirl said...

I "heart" that skirt in a major way. Mmmm...paired with the right kind of black top and shoes? Yummy!

Jenny said...

For a home-made margarita I'll come over and help you replaster.

Heather said...

wordgirl: that's exactly what I wear it with, though not sure my old navy flip flops are the right kind of shoes. :P

Jenny: You're TOTALLY on!