Sunday, May 14, 2006

The weekend in point form

I won't pretend our lives are exciting and full of jet-setting weekends, but here's the recap:

  • Friday night bachelorette party in the city. The honouree was gorgeous in her "bride to be" tiara. I'm officially afraid of what my girls will be doing to me shortly. My sister's evil laugh doesn't give me any reassurance.
  • We inherited an electric lawnmower for when the push mower just won't cut it. If only we had a working plug outside!
  • Shared a wicked good Thai dinner out in Toronto with friend Saturday we hadn't seen in WAY too long. Remembered why there's no way I could live in Toronto, if only for the road rage I get driving down Yonge to Eglington. Dinner was followed by an evening of drinks (well only a Guinness for me cause I was driving) and much needed catching up at a pub with the best service known to human kind. Poor Ottawa lost. Late in the evening a drunk dude sat down with us (well much to my friend's chagrin, I invited him 'cause I'm all about having random drunk dude stories). He told un-funny jokes but he did make me bust out laughing when he winked at me and stuck his tongue out. Ew. The Firkin pub at Eglington and Yonge has the best service I think I've ever had at a restaurant.
  • Dave spent Saturday night at a Bachelor party, the drunken debauchery we encountered on the way home reminded me of some younger days when I was "that guy." The blackmail photos are fantastic and the "I love you mans" and toasts to their women were abound. I even got called beautiful. Man I love beer goggles. Poor Dave passed out mid sentence on the way home. :)
  • Dog park Saturday I was disappointed the tadpoles hadn't spouted legs yet. Every spring when I was a kid we caught tadpoles (and fed them raw hamburg which, looking back, probably wasn't good for them) and watched them grow legs and turn into frogs. Apparently they still fascinate me cause I had to run to catch up to Dave and the dogs after staring at them in the water.
  • Saw a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly at the park too after the dog nearly stepped on and ate it. Yeah they're even clumsier than I am.
  • We bought two rose bushes but the debate rages on as to where we should plant them. (doncha wish your life was as exciting as ours?)
  • We now have a weeding tool, but have yet to use it on the dandelions on our lawn. There are only a few, so it's not that bad but any removal I suspect will be futile because our odd neighbour who is NEVER home (we've seen three times since moving here) has a lawn that's mostly yellow with a few patches of green, so it's safe to say we'll never win this battle. I'm just glad she hasn't sprayed any pesticides. I still say dandelions are pretty but some suburbs conformity has come over me and I feel the need to take them out.
  • We looked at wedding bands. Think I've got mine picked out and Dave's narrowed his choices down to about five. We were delightfully surprised to find some that didn't look like they were mass produced.
  • I seem to have remarkable wallpaper karma because it's coming off amazingly easy. Even better than that, the walls underneath (old lathe and plaster) hasn't been too bad a surprise. We were expecting the worst knowing that lots of people use wallpaper to hide really bad flaws in walls. Ours definitely have flaws, but the wallpaper isn't hiding anything too bad so far. Plus, it's coming off remarkably well with just vinegar and water.


Trish said...

I wouldn't live in toronto, either. Sounds like you had a fun, yet busy weekend!

TB said...

You must have been very good in a past life. Soooo lucky about the wallpaper!

wordgirl said...

Your post brought back memories of the weeks leading up to our wedding. Next month we'll have been married 20 years! When it's's really good. Much happiness to you both.

Whinger said...

So sorry about what might happen to your outfit at your bachelorette party.

Just. so. sorry.

Heather said...

Trish: I LOVE Toronto for the restaurants and the diversity but the streets and housing prices make it more feasible to visit.

TB: I think I must've been a saint in a past life, though it's not done and I'm learning the top parts of the wall weren't primed so I'm hitting rough patches. No complaints though becuase the other 85% of it has gone so smoothly

Wordgirl: would you believe we have 7 weddings this year including our own? I hope you have a very happy 20th Anniversary and have something special planned to celebrate!

Whinger: I really am afraid of what they'll make me do, but I'm pretty sure the 'rippers are out so that's good. Not too long ago I helped dress my friend as 'oops I did it again' britney which means I probably have something similar in store for my own.

elaine said...

MUWAHAHAHAHA..evil enough for ya? :P