Monday, May 15, 2006


I came home tonight to find the first bloom on our orchid has burst!

I also bought some sweet william* seeds for the garden (my favourite flowers - they should be making sweet william perfume instead of play dough perfume), along with hollyhocks and some poppies. I think I'll start them in the front window tomorrow night.

I also donated blood today, which, if you haven't done is totally easy. The need for blood always spikes around long weekends so now's as good a time as any. I hate needles and if you just tell the nurses that they're happy to warn you in advance so you don't see it (that's if you're as big a wimp as I am).

Plus, you get free crystal drink juice at the end and cookies. What more could you ask for? I skipped the cookies and headed to the grocery store instead because I prefer gummi sharks to cookies. Somehow in my head having donated blood gives me free reign in the candy aisle. I'm happy with my delusions.

*not only is sweet william fragrant, it's pretty too!


Elaine said...

YAY! It's GORGEOUS!!! Yay Heather's green thumb!

and thumbs up to the sweet of my fav's too!

roro said...

Man, you're brave to donate blood. I did it exactly once, but passed out several times and then cleared them out of cookies. They were very kind - and asked me not to return ever again.

Beautiful flowers!

sunshine scribe said...

I love your orchid photo and I thank you for reminding us about how important it is to give blood. I just picked up the phone to make an appointment to do the same.

Ginny said...

Maybe I need to plant some of those, they look gorgeous.

Whinger said...

Sweet William is one of the best smells there is.

Yay for blood donation!

Heather said...

Elaine: Yay the sister who gave it to me! I just got lucky. I maintain the fact it bloomed again had little or nothing to do with me.

Roro: I keep going back because they have those peanut butter pirate cookies.

Sunshine scribe: Thanks for making the appointment!

Ginny: They really are my favourite flowers... they aren't the prettiest but the smell is heavenly.

Whinger: You're totally right. I just wish they were't biennials that I have to wait a year to see bloom!

EmmaSometimes said...

wow, your orchid is stunning!

Sweet William is just that, very sweet and pretty to boot.

Heather said...

Emma sometimes: I can't take any credit for its beauty but I completely agree. Thanks for stopping by.