Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend Recap

  • Frankencouch's days are officially numbered. Next Saturday the new couch is being delivered, probably some time between when the sun comes up and it goes down. I'm guessing the likelihood that they'll narrow the delivery time down any more than that is slim, but I'm still excited.
  • With the new couch coming I'd really like to un-beige our living room walls but I'm at a loss for what colour to paint them, and I'm a bit of a "have a complete vision" kid before I get started (at least when it comes to decorating; nothing else, oddly enough). So, we did what broke people do when they wanna re-decorate and spent Friday wandering through Chapters looking for ideas in books. Still haven't made any decisions though. I'm not sure if I'm bold enough to paint the walls a warm bluey greeney colour when the couch is chocolate brown... or go with a more neutral tan colour on the walls with red accents... any suggestions? All I decided is that I want to have Debbie Travis come and re-do our whole freaking house cause it's hard to decorate tiny spaces on a tiny budget. The living room's small and we spend most waking hours in it so it's gotta be calming and not too crazy. I'd like to do some feng shui but I have no idea where to start. If there are any budding designers out there send ideas our way!
  • Is there anything better for a cold than tom yum soup from a Thai restaurant? There's something about the sweet-salty-hot-sour combination that's perfect for sick people.
  • After Friday's excitement I almost entirely slept through April Fool's Day, but when I saw the score for the Leafs game on the CBC Saturday night I thought it was a late April Fool's joke. The Leafs, who have stunk (pretty much) the whole season and blew a playoff berth last weekend won 7-0, now that a playoff berth is way out of reach.
  • Saturday I tortured Dave by bringing him curtain shopping. To TWO places. I think he only went along with it because he was afraid I'd either get too whacky and the curtains would look like something out of an acid trip or I'd pass out in a coughing fit in a fabric aisle, never to be heard from again. What we found were curtains that were either hideous thick floral prints or not anything we (read I) liked so we're (I'm) still looking. It wasn't a total loss, though, I did manage to find a nice camel coloured chenille throw for the new couch that's so soft it makes silk feel like sandpaper. I'm looking forward to curling up on the new chair with a book and the new throw on a rainy day.
  • We have a wedding photographer! Another thing to check off our wedding list is done (and less than 5 months before the day!)
  • We went for a walk with the dogs and my parents at a park in Cobourg and the dogs loved the chance to run in a big open space and seemed to have a blast. They panted the whole ride home and we've hardly heard a peep from them the rest of the night.
  • Finally all my whining that the neighbours have bulbs peeking through the soil and we don't has paid off! I planted a ton of bulbs late last fall and finally I'm starting to see leaves peeking from the soil that I swear weren't there when I (neurotically) checked Thursday. I can't wait to see blooms! The pussy willows in the park are bursting, the birds are back, the days are getting longer and the sun is definitely stronger, I just love spring!

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wordgirl said...

Curtain shopping??? Even I would recoil from that.