Tuesday, April 04, 2006

True to form

The day of the Blue Jays' home opener game has a repuation as being a day with odd weather. Even the first ever Jays game was a snowy day. [EDITED TO NOTE: I have no idea where I found this picture, but it's a good one, eh? Thanks to whomever took it]

This year's weather was no exception - we had an odd (and happily short) snowfall this afternoon that coated the tulip and daffodil leaves (and hyacinths, though I didn't get any pics of them) outside in the garden with a delicate layer of snow.


TB said...

We had our (hopefully) last snow a week ago. It always makes me feel happy to know we're done for another year. Especially this year since I know we will be in Florida by the time the snow flies next year :o)

I hope you are going to show pictures of the new couch when it's delivered this week!

wordgirl said...

Totally shorts weather here. And my legs are SO not ready for it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Oshawa. When you point to some other sites for pictures do you realize that you are using their bandwith. Also there are individuals that ask prior to using, or maybe even give credit.
www.trymyplace.com or even http://trymyplace.blogspot.com/ But the JAYS did win that snow-game.

Heather said...

Anonymous: I'd email you back personally but you didn't leave an email. I had no idea I was using (presumably) your bandwith. I've corrected this by saving it to my hard drive, and noted that I have no idea who took the picture or where I found it. If you want me to remove the picture entirely I'd be happy to do that too.