Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shaking off our Wintry Cocoon

I've been dying for spring to hit full force and for the weather to warm up but it seems like the more I want it to warm up, the cooler it gets. It's nice to see the sun strengthening but the temperatures haven't hit much above freezing yet. With a strong dose of the winter blahs I decided we needed something tropical but way cheaper than a vacation.

I've always wanted to go to the
butterfly conservatory in Niagara, and yesterday we decided to hit the honeymoon capital of the world and do just that.

I've been to the Butterfly Garden at the Detroit Zoo, which was pretty cool, but this one is much better. The building itself seemed alive with butterflies. I was totally amazed. You couldn't turn around without having one flutter just inches in front of your face.

There was even an exhibit of frogs and toads there. This guy (gal?) is an Albino Chacoan Horned Toad and apparently (s)he's from Latin America and can eat prey his (her?) own size. I thought (s)he was kinda cute, even with the horns.

These little Vietnamese Moss Frogs were pretty cool too.

After the Conservatory we decided to head for the Falls. We parked and walked down Clifton Hill and along the gorge for a while to see the falls before hiking back up the hill and heading to Burlington to meet friends for dinner. I'd love to bring our bikes there this summer and ride the length of the Niagara Parkway- such beautiful views!


wordgirl said...

I can't wait to rake away the protective covering of fallen leaves in my herb garden and see what things are blooming underneath! Already I see rosemary and mint.

DebbieDoesLife said...

What a great day! Very nice pictures too.

Marla said...

That's it. I'm making a road trip. We pass it on the way to visit my folks all the time, and I've been tempted but have never succombed.

Thanks Heather, for understanding both my (whisper) cat issues and my anthropomorphism of the Rat family situation. There are few that my daughter (and we) are truly attached to – but (and this will come up in a post some day) whenever we are given a stuffy by someone, we are also given a wee emotional burden. Not fair, in a way.

Hope to see you “around”! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Sara said...

Dude -- Thats one ugly frog