Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum!

Wow was I a lucky kid! I had a strong, thoughtful mum who was always there to help me and encourage me. I see kids everyday at work (I'm a criminal law duty counsel) who never had that, which I think is often the reason why they turned out the way they did (to say nothing of their fathers' responsibilities as well).

So to my petite, sweet natured, giving to a fault, incredible negotiator, won't take crap from anyone, unparalelled cook, and all around phenomenal person and mum - thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


DebbieDoesLife said...

Your mom reads your blog doesn't she?

Happy Birthday!

Elaine said...

I'd like to 2nd that - my Mum rocks!

Heather said...

Yep, think so, though my parents haven't figured out the word verifier and their computer is old and internet access is dial-up.

So yeah, if you read this mum some nice person in Texas just wished you a happy birthday! And so did your 2nd favourite daughter (hah!)! So now you TOTALLY have to comment. Just type whatever and when you see the odd series of letters all mashed together below type them in the little box underneath it and then hit publish! I dare ya!