Sunday, March 05, 2006

Animal roundup

Can you find the cat in this picture?

She wasn't impressed when I lifted the blanket... she got totally miffed I had found her. It's like when little kids cover their eyes with their hands to 'hide' so you don't know where they are.

Doesn't like to pass up any opportunity he can to nap and be near food, cat toys and sunshine. This morning he manages to get all four within a span of a couple of feet.

I think the orchid in the terrarium is the only plant in the house he hasn't figured out how to munch on.

When it comes to intellect, he's definitely the omega dog. The dogs, when left to their own devices long enough seem to always find a way over to the neighbours' yard through the cedar hedges, no matter how many of them we've tried to block off. We're off to Home Depot in a bit to get some mesh to put along the length of the fence, and hopefully that will put an end to their adventures.

This morning they wandered over there again. Daedalus was smart enough to come back over, but, since the trip back over required Prometheus to do more than come straight through at one point, it became an intellectual challenge of olympic proportions for Prometheus. He couldn't figure out "enter bushes at point A, exit bushes on the other side at point B".

Eventually we gave up trying to coax him and Dave went through the bushes himself, to show him how it was done. This is the same dog who dove into a river after seeing a chocolate lab do it and stood, neck deep in rushing, freezing water, completely clueless and terrified as to what he should do to get out of a "neck deep in rushing water" situation. It took some coaxing to get him out of that mess as well.

He's since found some laundry to lie on.

Made it through the bushes the first time he was called. We think he's just smart enough to get himself in trouble (but not much more).

If we let him, he'd definitely choose the life of a lap dog. As it is, given how heavy, big, and bony he is, the hardwood floor seemed like a pretty good place for him to pass out this morning.


elaine said...

scarlett totally looks pissed!
HA! Very good pics of the zoo!

TB said...

This made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

Paul said...

Nice pet photos. We have animals on our blogs too.