Sunday, December 04, 2005

Greenwood Conservation Area Rocks!

First, I'm disappointed to say I have no pictures to share, but I'm sure we'll be back and I'll post them another time.

We finally found (and by "we" I mean Dave) an off-leash park which is perfect - it's essentially trails through a beautiful forest and winding stream.

So we set off, pockets stuffed with leashes and poopie bags, and some sweet potato sticks for the ride over (my 3:00pm lunch). The dogs were just raring to go. After parking outside the gate we walked along a paved road and quickly hit packed gravel and dirt trails through beautiful forests. The wind and cold seemed especially brisk but after running up a steep hill or two we adjusted.

Around a bend we came across a man and his daughter and their chocolate lab named Hershey who just LOVED chasing after a stick into the river. Our dogs are just over a year old and haven't been around water too much. So, when Hershey ran in after the stick like it was nothing new our guys followed, and quickly realized they weren't sure they liked the freezing cold stream the way Hershey did. In fact, one of the dogs got in water up to his neck and just stood there, staring at us. His eyes screamed "WHAT DO I DO NOW!?" He was completely at a loss with this new found sensation. We eventually coaxed him to the shore and he shook the water from his long (and now curly) locks and quickly forgot his little misadventure. The three dogs continued to run around like they were old friends but neither of our dogs followed Hershey into the water again. I kept cursing under my breath about having forgotten my camera.

We traveled along the path further, encountering tons more dogs and their owners along the trail. Dave and I elected to kept our contact to small talk with the other dogs owners, but for the dogs there was much delight to be had with other dogs running, chasing and bum sniffing.

As it was starting to get close to sunset we turned around, and made it back to the car. In total I figure we walked at least 5 or 6 km. The dogs are still passed out upstairs, hours after the adventure.

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