Sunday, December 04, 2005

Anatomy of a break-in

Rhett has a weight problem. He started off a skinny rescue from a shelter but quickly betrayed that heritage. The last time we took him to the vet I was told "he has GOT to go on a diet!" At 15.2 lbs, I saw no reason to disagree.

We have quickly gone through that initial bag of "expensive, buy it only at the vet's" food and it wasn't until yesterday that I spent an additional $70 on the high end diet stuff. This is what Rhett thinks of diets:

Step 1: Approach bag nonchalantly, sniff edges to confirm it's worth breaking into.

Step 2: Test bag with teeth.
Step 3: Wait until no one is looking and really bite into it. Make so much noise as to attract other cat.
Step 4: Devour contents you have mischievously uncovered. Pout when caught.
Step 5: Find bag where owner thinks she's cleverly hid it out of sight and repeat above steps.


elane1958 said...

Hi Heather: My cats (2 females, 1 male) eat the same expensive cat food, but, it's because my Rascal (the male) has a urinary tract problem. I keep their food in one of those 18 gallon bins. I have to or the cats will eat thru the paper bag and I have cat food on the floor (not for long tho because that's when the dogs come in and clean up the mess)

elane1958 said...
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Heather said...

Yeah my sister can leave a bag of food open, on the floor and her cats never bither with it, but whenever Rhett is hungry he just chews on things: Phone books, plants, toothpaste tubes, and people (knuckles and thighs are his favourite). I've caught the two of them literally tearing bags of treats open- which likely contributed to Rhett's current roundness. I think they devoured 4 bags of cat treats the week they discovered that. Treats are now stored in a plastic container, now complete with Rhett's tooth holes in it.

elane1958 said...

I used to have a calico cat, Clio, that used to chew on plastic bags (ie. garbage bags, shopping bags). Never ate them, just chewed. After she died (she lived to 16), I brought Lai Cee home (she's a lynx point siamese) and now Lai Cee does it too. I never had a cat before that did this. It was a weird behaviour trait that only Clio did. Reincarnation? Possibly. Only Lai Cee's more of a brat than Clio ever was. Lucky for her, I'm partial to brats.

Heather said...

Cats are full of bizarre behaviour. Scarlett was abused as a kitten and every day she has to curl up with me (and pretty much only me) to suckle her arm. It's funny until she keeps you up all night doing it.