Sunday, February 12, 2006

I have a list of people who should go hunting with Dick Cheney

I really think that now that we have a new prime minister in office that we should look into repairing Canada-US relations. To that end I've actually got what I think is a pretty good idea to accomplish just that. I really think that Dubya, Dick Cheney and Robo Harper along with his cabinet should go on one big hunting trip together in the Great White North to talk things through. Just think of the misadventures to be had!

I'd also like to suggest that Mr. Cheney eschew the plain ordinary shot guns and really try out a high powered automatic rifle. I know they aren't normally the gun of choice for bird hunting, but I hear they really do have more "zip" to them and I bet they would set Mr. Cheney's heart a-flutter.

Perhaps hunting with Mr. Cheney could be the new, scary threat the US could use when questioning alleged terrorists: tell us the truth, or we'll send you hunting with Dick Cheney! Still not talking? Keep it up tough guy and we'll take away his glasses! See how you fare then! He can't tell a dude from a small bird WITH them! Hah! It really has that "swim with the fishes" ring to it.


elaine said...

I can't believe he shot someone! It's too ironic...

Heather said...

Yep it's perfect really, on so many levels!