Monday, January 23, 2006

My friend Murphy and his laws

When you meticulously measure out the cat food to save one cat from obesity, he will invariably turn to eating large quantities of dog food to spite you.


elane1958 said...

The trouble with putting your fat cat on a diet is it can mess with their liver. Something about fatty deposits building around it, even when you cut back on their food. I heard this from my diet and his theory was that it was almost better to let the cat be fat. But you're right, if they can't get enough of "their" food, they will always go to eat the dog food. IF the dog leaves any...which mine never do.

Heather said...

Rhett's on the prescription diet formula food at my vet's urging. I'm just planning on letting him drop a few pounds until I can switch him to another food. He's losing some weight and I'm impressed at his progress, though I haven't weighed him. He's even seeming to become more active- running around more and being more playful. I'm not going to keep him on it a minute longer than the vet thinks is necessary.