Thursday, January 26, 2006

Minor case of baby fever

I feel odd admitting it, but I've got a minor case of baby fever. We're not in a rush to have a family or anything, it's definitely a "down the road" endeavor. We're just not there yet. There are tons of things we need/want to do before there are any little feet running around here.

I think it started in earnest was checking out a cute shop in downtown whitebreadville in December and saw some cute stencils for the wall. Now, before you get worried these aren't the folk-art rooster ones or the odd looking plantation pineapples or rocking horses. No country kitchey will ever grace the walls of my house; they were just phrases. Some were not me ("princess") but one really stuck out in my mind as a brilliant idea for our long off nursery.

It simply said "Oh, the places you'll go!"

It's from a Dr. Seuss book, which I happen to think is particularly brilliant. You can find the text of it here. It's genuinely worth a read.

So, when we do become "with child" I am going to buy each kid of ours that book, read it to them ad nauseum, and even have friends and family sign the inside cover of the book with a note for them. The book's message is so honest, open, positive and loving - I think it's perfect.

(side note: I think I can blame Dave a bit for the recent fever... his recent solution to "I don't wanna go to work!" whining was "here's the plan: you get pregnant, go on parental leave and collect EI" got me thinking a little too hard. :) Yay escapeism!)

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elaine said...

Quick!...time to hit the snooze button on the old biological clock......