Saturday, January 28, 2006

Friday night date night

After a particularly draining week at work (aren't they all?) I decided a date night was in order yesterday. Dave's been fantastically supportive knowing how things have been for me work-wise of late. So, while we are saving our pennies for paying down debts/mortgage/saving for the wedding, I really thought a night out just relaxing was in order.

By the time we left the house it was well past 8:30, but we decided to hit Red Lobster for dinner anyway. I've always called it "dead lobster" though, only because that's infinitely more funny to me (and probably no one else around me). While there we both talked of the nostalgia we both had for popcorn shrimp from meals out as kids, and I think we both seriously thought about ordering it. I hit the booze with an extra spicy caesar, which, in the end wasn't as spicy as I had hoped. The service was great, and it was nice to enjoy a night out with just the two of us. It helped me de-stress immensely to flirt with each other, get out of the house, and reconnect a little.

We then decided to hit the movies to see Brokeback Mountain. Dave owed me a more "girlie movie" after the fiasco that was King Kong.

It was, in the end a pretty good movie - your classic love story with roadblocks in the way, and an ending that left me teary. Worth the admission.

One of the advantages of living in whitebreadville is that we were one of about 15 people in the whole theatre, so we had our pick of seats. (it is, however, the kind of movie that I would hope would fill the theatre)

The disadvantage of whitebreadville, though, was that every time the lead characters kissed (or more) there were gasps or, in some cases, giggles from the remaining 13 people in the theatre. Dude! You're going to see a movie that's widely publicized to be about two men who fall in love and their relationship over the years. I don't think it should be a shock and elicit gasps or giggles when they go past first base. It kinda ruined the atmosphere for me, but I guess that's just what we get for living in the 'shwa.

Ok end of rant. It really was a lovely evening, even if "dinner and a movie" can hardly be considered original. It was exactly what I needed.

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