Friday, December 30, 2005

Random holiday thoughts

We seem to have wicked good parking spot karma lately. Wonder how long it'll be with us.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my cousins' little ones grow up. They're all so adorable.

Home made slippers from your sister are always the warmest, most comfortable and definitely super cool. Same goes for socks knit by grandma, and special ornaments from grandparents.

Napping, where possible, is key to getting through a hectic holiday schedule.

Composters, while super awesome gifts, will have to wait to get installed until the weather is warmer. I think it's a test of my patience. In the meantime they make great cat hangouts, especially with the lid on.

Rain on Christmas day is sucky. It just doesn't feel like Christmas to me when we're bringing umbrellas instead of toques.

Programmable thermostats rock! Cute fiancés who install them for you while you're assembling things for family Christmas events rock too.

If you leave the cats alone for about 60 hours (with lots of food and family checking in) Rhett will still think that he's been abandoned forever and therefore when you get back you will be mauled like never before in bed the next morning. He couldn't stop purring, kneading, meowing, flopping, licking, giving love bites, rolling around, and stretching for hours on top of us the next morning. If he weren't so lovable and totally irreplaceable he might've been homeless. I love him but definitely wasn't "in love with him" that morning. Think he's doing better now, thankfully.

Christmas musicals at church are super adorable and definitely worth the sore back caused by the pews to see them (especially when relieved by back massages from aforementionedd cute fiancés).

We've managed to get a free 8 foot artificial Christmas tree from Dave's aunt who no longer has the space for it! It has me all excited for next year alreadyespecially since we had no tree this year). We also managed to use gift certificates to get little blue globe LED lights and other decorations on sale at Crappy Tire so our tree next year should look great! I can hardly wait!

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