Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dog Park-o-Rama!

Saturday and Sunday we decided to take the dogs to the dog park. Equipped with long johns and lots of layers, we herded the dogs into the car and off to the park.

To be fair, our dogs aren't used to being around other dogs. They're okay with just one more dog, but when they're in a crowd they're not very sure how to behave. In fact, they're kinda like the kids who cling to their parents and end up eating their lunches in the bathroom because they have no one to sit with.

While the other dogs were running around doing dog things, our guys were mostly off on their own playing with each other, or running away from the other dogs scared and watching them play. They got more comfortable as time went on, but a number of times they came up and stood with us instead of playing with other dogs. Funny they were much bigger than any of the dogs there, but were intimidated by dogs half their size.

All the running around led to them taking a number of snow baths, and eating a fair bit of snow. Luckily, they just stuck to sniffing the yellow snow.

They got more comfortable as the afternoon went on and I'm sure they'll at least progress to being like wallflowers. Next time I'll be wiser and bring some (spiked) hot chocolate to stay warm too.

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