Sunday, November 06, 2005

random list

Random things I like:
1. beautiful leaves on the trees this time of year
2. small family owned ethnic restaurants with amazing food
3. afternoon naps
4. cats curling up on my lap
5. gas fireplaces- heat at the flip of a switch! How genius is that?
6. warm sun on my face on cool days
7. dark chocolate
8. home made soup
9. peanut butter- just plain ground up peanuts
10. my oral b battery powered toothbrush.

Random things I don't like:
1. Raking the above beautiful leaves from our front lawn
2. George W.Bush
3. cookie cutter subdivisions with no back yards
4. Pitbulls on retractable leashes
5. Michael Jackson. Dude just gives me the creeps.
6. wal-Mart
7. minute rice.
8. SUVs
9. smoking. Dude it's a buring pile of leaves that causes cancer... and you put it in your mouth? on purpose?
10. infomercials for the latest "fat will melt off while you sleep, even as you eat nothing but pure lard and never get off the couch." cause really, that works.


Sara said...

I love those infomercials... they totally make me laugh my ass off. I bet I burn more calories laughing at their infomercials than I would actually buying the product, and that's a bargain.

Heather said...

Yeah, I guess it's a love-hate thing... I find them funny too, but I hate the way they make people adopt that mentality.... ie I've been eating fewer twinkies and walked for 5 minutes for a day now and I'm still not 5 lbs lighter!