Sunday, October 30, 2005

By way of introduction...

I thought I should post a picure of some of my co-habitants, so here goes:

First, this is Dave and I. One of the first pictures taken with my digital camera, and as you can see, I hadn't figured out the zoom yet. The cookie duster/ soup strainer combo on Dave is gone.

Next come my cats, Scarlett and Rhett. I was told Scarlett was abused as a kitten and seized by the humane society, and that's the most I have been able to find out about her. She was a very scaredy cat when I got her, but has turned into a total attention suck. The other, more plump cat in the picture is named Rhett, though his real name should be Gilligan. He loves everybody and everything. He also chews on anything and everything (including phone books and me) when he's hungry. He's just happy to have someone to sit on and snuggle with. I adopted him as an adult cat just over a year ago when it was starting to look like his time at the shelter would draw to a sad end. I had only gone along to the shelter to help my friend Sara pick out a kitten who was similarly on its last leg, but came home with him, and haven't regretted it yet.

Next, here are the dogs. They're taller now than they were in this picture, and a little less fluffy because they got shaved for the summer, but their coat is quickly growing back in. No, they're not llamas, or pandas (as we've actually been asked), they're borzoi.

Oh and if you're looking for a laugh I recommend the Solicitor's Colouring Book. I think we've all met lawyers like that guy.

Ok, back to the plan of making Sunday morning pancakes!

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