Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Am bad blogger. Will update more regularly.

So uh it's been 23 days since I last blogged. No drama filled reason as to why, really, just kinda lost interest in it for a time. That's not to say bloggable things haven't happened, just that I haven't blogged 'em. Here's the rundown on why I've been feeling rundown.

House for sale!
Worked frantically with the help of my parents to get the house ready for sale. My jaw still drops when I think of what we did to get the house ready to list (hmm lemme see.... chipped away loose cement and paint, patched leaky cement basement floor, painted basement floor and walls with waterproofing paint, tore basement carpet up that had gone moldy from previous owners' non-disclosure (grr), cleaned, sorted, pitched, donated and organized basement, put tons-o-crap in storage, plastered, patched, sanded and painted hole in kitchen wall; patched, painted sanded, and primed bedroom walls, trim and ceiling, painted 2nd bedroom door; de-wallpapered, patched, drywalled, sanded and painted bathroom walls and painted trim, cleaned house top to bottom, raked front and back yards, re-seeded, cleaned again, and again, organized some, and cleaned again and put more stuff in storage). Phew. Now the fucker isn't sold. We've had two open houses and a few showings but so far only tire kickers (ie nosy neighbours). Am annoyed. Highly annoyed. Am not love struck about agent. Am considering resorting to religious icons.

The upside is that the house looks freaking awesome and I am remembering why I love this place so much, even though I know we're ready to move on. Don't believe me? Come on, take a virtual tour! (Caution! My hyper-advanced web skills have made the link only accessible to non-stalker types. If you are of the stalker/crazy variety then it'll blow your computer up. Yes, really. Sorry 'bout that, crazies!)

Dogs get haircut by owners who should never use clippers without supervision!
Two factors led to that decision. The first is that summer is unbearably hot for them. The second is that hardwood floors + really long dog hair all over them house selling quickly, but does equal owners sweeping four times a day to keep it clean enough and insanity. So, this is the before, during, and after. It was a wee bit short to begin with, but it's perfect now.

Adventures in sudden and unexplained drops in blood pressure!
Just over a week ago I got an ambulance ride! From the mall! Where I passed out mid chopstick of mall Thai food! Second time that's happened in a year! Boy do I know how to have fun.

I donated blood and met up with Dave at the mall for a nice romantic dinner while someone else traipsed their grubby selves through our house with no intention of buying it a promising showing was taking place at our house. I've donated blood a gazillion times and felt fine about an hour afterward, until I was eating dinner and quickly and suddenly got woozy. Apparently Dave caught me before I hit the ground but the only thing I remember was this woman with a crunchy perm hovering over me and the mirrored tile ceiling of the 'shwa mall. Dave said he caught me as I was passing out and she barged over and nearly knocked him out of the way to save me yelling she had first aid. Uh so does he but he said he was afraid she'd snap him in half so he just told her what to do. I also remember this one dude who asked like 3 times if we needed a doctor and Dave telling him 3 times that someone had already called an ambulance. The first ambulance dudes were kinda the trainee variety who had me sit up where I promptly passed out again and then the 2nd dudes arrived who were more experienced. I got a finger prick and an IV right there in the mall and a swift ride to the hospital. They released me that night when my blood pressure was 90/60 and an EKG and a confirmation that no, I'm not pregnant, yes I'll pee in that cup to prove it, and yes my husband is secretly hoping we are pregnant.

So, the family Dr sent me for a whack of tests when I told him this was the second time I'd passed out in just over a year and now get to look like frankenstein with a big ass battery pack and 6 censors attached to my chest and a notebook to record "events." I think it makes my decolletage damn sexy. (In the same way that BP cuffs are hawt.)

New house not just a foundation with boards!
The house? The new house I can't freaking wait to move into? The house where I'm having a giant housewarming party that will be loads of fun and you'll all be invited to (assuming you're not one of those crazy stalker-types)? Where the booze will flow and the nibblies will be lovely and plentiful? Where we can hang out on the uber cool 2nd floor balcony and sip beverages? It's looking like a house! Not just a foundation with some boards on top. We drive by obsessively to check it out and this is what it looked like just a couple of hours ago. I'm sure that when we move in the neighbours will say "oh, those are the freaks that kept driving by and taking pictures every 20 minutes." I love making a good first impression.

The weather this April was abysmal - cold, wet, snowy even. Until this past weekend, when it turned to perfect.


TB said...

Oh my gosh you have a ton going on! Could the low blood pressure be related to stress or just the craziness of everything you've got happening right now? Hope you don't have any more fainting incidents... I used to get them occasionally too and it was such a strange feeling to find myself on the ground surrounded by strange faces peering down at me.

The pictures of your dog haircuts cracked me up!

roro said...

Awesome update! And electrodes ARE hot!

Your for sale place looks AMAZING, like one of those reality tv "Sell This House" after shots. Hope you find someone to appreciate it soon!!

cinnamon gurl said...

I was thinking about you when we visited my parents at easter. Leaving them, we drove down Tauntan Rd. and I saw all the new developments and I wondered if one of those shells was yours.

Take care of yourself! Hope the tests show you're all healthy and stuff and it was just the blood donation.

sweatpantsmom said...

Welcome back to blogland!

(I hope your fainting is nothing serious.)

Heather said...

TB: Not nearly as much as you do! It definitely is a strange feeling.

roro: I thought so. Two more showings this weekend and we're hoping those land us offers. Ridiculously high ones.

cinnamon gurl: We're south of the Taunton Rd shells but there's a starbucks up there now that I'd be happy to buy you a coffee from next time you're in town.

sweatpantsmom: Thanks for the welcome.

mamatulip said...

I've been wondering how things were going for you guys -- aside from the blood pressure deal, it sounds like things have been really really BUSY.

The pics of your dogs half-shorn made me snort all over the place. :)

Nancy said...

Am VERY bad blogger. Just now getting around to commenting and realizing that you took a hospital ride!!! Glad you are OK, hope it does not happen again.

kittenpie said...

Your dog looks hilarious. Kinda like this half-shaved freaky-looking lady I saw in a Tim Horton's last weekend...

It's so weird to peer into a fellow blogger's home like that! I like the green in your bathroom, it looks like the colour of my halls. And may I say, how brave - I wouldn't let anyone see in my house because it's a DIVE! 'Course, I'm not selling.

Amy said...

Hi Heather. I just came across your blog today via the BloggerChicks blog roll. I was really happy to find another local blogger, and then even happier to find that your blog is funny, warm, lovely to read! Hooray!

Sandra said...

Oh my gosh - so much news! So little time.

I too am a bad, bad, bad blogger ... at least you provide fabulous updates upon your return. I just whine.

wordgirl said...

Could you be anemic? I hope you're feeling better now.

Izzy said...

Hey girl! Just wanted to drop by and say howdy. Hope all is going well :)

DebbieDoesLife said...

I built a house and still managed to blog. How are you???

daysgoby said...

Hey sugar!

Feeling better now?

Jay said...

Okay, okay, I cave.
I wasn't going to comment until you were "back", but damn, you hold out longer than I can! You win!

Here we are now - entertain us!

Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

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kaps said...


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