Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Murphy's Law of furnaces

A furnace will break on the coldest day possible, when your housecoat is in the basement two floors away.

We awoke this morning to an icy cold house. We spent last night paring down everything in the basement, which included carpeting and underpad that had seen better days. Fun, smelly times, lemme tell ya. There was a mound of garbage in front of our house for them to pick up this morning that could have probably attracted greenpeace protesters had they had more notice. Last night with the windchill it was about -25 with the wind blowing at 33km/hour and gusting much faster. Brrr! We carried tonnes of stuff from the basement to the curb in that weather, so when we finally got to bed, we slept like the dead.

This morning, though, we awoke to a virtual winter wonderland. Inside the house.

So, being the good and brave husband he is, Dave ventured forth out of the warm bed and fiddled with the furnace and got it to work momentarily but his success was short lived. We both got dressed and ready for work in a house that was 7 degrees Celcius this morning (that'd be 44 degrees for you yanks), ran hot water through the pipes to prevent them from freezing while we were at work and flung myself out the door to work.

The repair dude came by this afternoon and apparently some part had gone, and, had we not signed up for what I believe called a "stupid waste of money warranty protection program that we'll never freaking use" we'd have been out $449 for the part plus labour, and probably some "show up to your house" fee, and quite probably our first born.

As it was the repairs were free on account of said stupid warranty plan and the house is slowly but surely warming up. Except my toes which remain like little stumps of ice.


Phoenix said...

I wake up to that every morning...but that's mostly just cause we can't afford to turn the heat up...lol

cinnamon gurl said...

I have twice had the occasion of sleeping in a house with a broken furnace. It sucks. The second time we had to wait a whole weekend before it could get replaced, so we actually went to a hotel for one night. The warmth was heaven!

Nancy said...

I bet THIS makes you really look forward to the new place, huh? ;-)

(although sorry you had to go through that -- how unpleasant.)

wordgirl said...

Chenille socks, anyone? I suggest a wool hat for sleeping if things aren't better by tonight.

Teena said...

It was brutally cold yesterday, wasn't it??!! I'm soooo done with winter!

lindsay said...

I'm glad that everything worked out ok. Warranties are an excellent idea on any purchse over 500$ IMHO. Haha for you being proven wrong though!

mamatulip said...

Have your cats sleep on your feet tonight...my mom and I used to call them 'hot water bottles with arms and legs'.

mamatulip said...

Er...no arms. Just legs. Hot water bottles with legs.

I'm leaving now.

Heather said...

Phoenix: we normally keep it pretty cool in here for that same reason, but this place really doesn't retain the heat unless it's got a supply.

cinnamon gurl: I've had this happen numerous times with shady landlords, but luckily since we both work during the day it wasn't that bad.

nancy: Yeah, once I stop stressing out like crazy about selling this place in time.

wordgirl: Nope, times like these call for pure wool. Chenille is for normal winter days. We both wore our toques.

teena: Yes, brutal is exactly the right word for it.

lindsay: See normally these service plans to me spell "waste o money" but man am I glad we had it.

mamatulip: See that'd defy the rule about cats and them not doing what you want them to do when you want them to do it. :P I think they snuggled up to the dogs who are furnaces of heat themselves.

kittenpie said...

Oh, brrr... Last Friday we had no heat due to the power outages after that big storm, so I sent Pumpkinpie to daycare and sat in the Second Cup for a couple of hours with my book until heat came back on.