Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mmmmm dinner

We had plans to host dinner tonight with friends, but plans changed and we had already bought the groceries so we decided to stick to the plan, save making soup and balsamic chicken.

Behold my heirloom tomato, basil, zucchini and shittake mushroom pasta creation! Marvel at the white wine and pesto smell! (oh wait, you can't smell it, in which case you'll have to believe it smells DARN good in our house right now) Feast your eyes on the delicate feta crumbles! We have enough leftovers for lunches for a week for both of us! As you can see, my eyes were way too big for my stomach

(Serving it went something like this, with Dave holding the bowl "Oh wait, Dave, I've gotta get some of the yellow tomatoes.... oh wait, some zucchini - they have LOTS of potassium, and mushrooms, sweet, wine soaked mushrooms..." then Dave chimes in saying "uh there's no way you'll eat all that." He was right.

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