Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

At the risk of debasing this blog to that of a a grade four note passing session, I have to say it amazes me that people over the age of 20 cheat on their significant others.

I guess I've always been of the theory that if I didn't like the person I was dating, I would end the relationship and have had to do just that. That way, even if I had to be mean and end the relationship I was at least respectful of the other person, and had enough self respect as well not to drag someone else into my relationship with the other person.

If I were to cheat on a partner, I definitely wouldn't do it just a couple of weeks after agreeing to marry them. I would also definitely not do it after they had bought a ring, and had it sized to fit my finger. That to me is pretty base.

If I were to cheat on a partner, I definitely wouldn't do it while they were doing their brother and sister-in-law a favour by house sitting while they were on their honeymoon, cause that's just mean. Let me break that down into even simpler terms. Nice thing to do: house sit for your family. Not nice thing to do: cheat on person who is doing family a favour by house sitting.

If I were to cheat on someone, I wouldn't have asked their sister-in-law to stand up at my wedding. That, to me would make the cheating pretty awkward, and ashamed of my behaviour.

If I were to cheat on someone, I wouldn't then agree to move in with them, to their parents' house. That just seems icky.

If I were to cheat on somone I wouldn't involve their parents in the breakup, trying to elicit sympathy from them, or talk plaintively to the person's sister-in-law about the relationship, all the while being involved with some other person. That, to me is unbelievable. It's one thing to cheat on someone, and something else entirely to try to get their family on side with you, knowing you've been unfaithful in the relationship.

Finally, I wouldn't cheat on someone, and expect to leave the relationship with that person's cat, crying and throwing fits to keep said cat. When you cheat on someone, you don't get to keep the pet that that person's brother and sister-in-law gave the cat to that person.

But if you see nothing wrong with doing the above (or see the error of your ways, and are busy repenting), my only advice is that you keep a close ear out for the meep meep of the karma bus. No one has any idea when it's coming or from where it's travelling, but it hits pretty hard.


Teena said...

Well said. I'm with you ... if it's not working out, move on.

The Waghorns said...

I would hope that all of the "if" scenarios that you just listed would be common sense to your average thinking, rational and feeling human being. If these "ifs" for some reason seem not to be common sense, I would check for an opposable thumb.

wordgirl said...

Is this cheater someone we know? Do we need to send a guy named Guido to his/her door to break some legs? Just a thought.

roro said...

Well, I don't know about the cat thing . . . but I agree with the rest of it! Brutal.

Heather said...

teena: Yep, and tell the person involved!

the waghorns: Hah! One would think so, but evidently common sense is lacking in some circles.

wordgirl: I'm more of a fan of leaving it in the hands of the karma bus, but I'm sure the thought is appreciated.

Heather said...

roro: Yeah highly brutal.

kittenpie said...

Yowza! Someone you know?!

Heather said...

kittenpie: Yeah, can you believe someone would do this to my awesome brother-in-law? To borrow from the great Daffy Duck I say "despicable!"

The Blog Whore said...

Well said. And so true.

Heather said...

the blog whore: thanks!

Thailand Gal said...

I agree with you here. There is no way I would ever find deception acceptable ~ no matter what. The Karma Bus will more than handle it. Meanwhile, I would not continue a relationship with such a person.



Henly said...

On this issue, I bite my tongue. ;)