Friday, November 10, 2006

In case of fire

I've often worried what would happen if we had a fire, and the thing I worry about the most isn't our worldly possessions, but getting the animals out safely. As much as the dogs drive me nuts on occasion, and the cats are fond of a wake-up routine that makes sleeping in practically impossible I'd be awful to lose them. I've been keeping an eye out for those "in case of fire save my ___ cats and _____ dogs," but haven't found one.

Tonight, though, I think I've eased my worry when I found a way to guarantee they'll all come running quickly so we can leave the house safely without incident if we ever had a fire.

All I have to do is touch the lid of these jars on the kitchen counter, and all four animals come running in a symphony of nails clacking on hardwood, meowing and talking and, excited snorting (and in Rhett's case belly swaying). I think Dave thought I was a bit looney for wanting treat jars for the animals (that had to be pretty too!) but I think for the fire safety aspect they're a necessity. The animals all come running with the urgency that would be appropriate for a "house on fire" situation the second they hear a lid pop.



The Waghorns said...

I'm envious of your cookie jars. Sadies needs them. She will die without them.

Where did you get them. Good lord woman, tell me! My dog's life hangs in the balance!

Food Mum said...

Our animals have us well trained on the night waking front too. The kids are mostly sleeping through, but our Senior/Senile dog
and one or other cat makes sure we stay in training with regular urgent needs to go out in the middle of the night - if we could find treats guaranteed to make them sleep through the night I'd be begging for them, especially with those lovely jars.

Heather said...

the waghorns: I got them at home sense, but I saw stainless steel ones just like them at petsmart the other day.

food mum: My grandmother used to get out of bed three to four times a night (then complained she wasn't getting enough sleep) to let her cat in and out. That cat had her trained better than anything. I don't know what to suggest to keep your animals from getting you up at night.

montchan said...

found you through Blogger chicks!
Your cats are adorable, and your dogs are divine!

And I totally know what you mean about rescuing your pets first. When we lived in Iowa, and our house was in the tornado path, I actually ran inside to grab my cat, and my neighbors' cat, when other people were screaming "Leave it, it's just a cat!"

Stupid mofos! Would they leave their child behind like that? I guess not.

Eva said...

Hi! Have you tried your vet's office to see if they know where to get those decals? I found this site for you if this helps:

Good Luck!

Henly said...

Without really reading, I thought those objects were fireproof containers in which to stuff your cats and dogs in the event of a fire.

I was thinking "those poor dogs would be so cramped!"

Heather said...

montchan: It's never just a cat. Wild horses wouldn't stop me from rescuing them.

eva: Thanks for the resource! We may end up ordering some there.

henly: hah to give you a sense of scale the biggest container doesn't reach the dogs' ankles, and is smaller than their heads.

lindsay said...

Haha My cats do that too. I thought they were the only ones. Our jar has a little clasp that jinlges when you undo it and they come running everytime they hear it. It's so cute.