Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Both soap box and non-soap box

Happy Birthday Sara! One of these days I'll actually make a list of all of our inside jokes. I think it's a good sign of a strong friendship when one (frequently nonsensical) phrase can cause the other person to burst out laughing and we have quite a few of them.

I found out late yesterday afternoon my dad was in a cycling accident. We're not sure how it happened (and neither is he) but after an ambulance ride we've determined he's got a concussion, broken thumb, torn calf musle, pulled hip flexor, serious road rash on hands, legs and other places he didn't know existed, and a family who is very, very, very thankful it wasn't worse.

And now for the soap-box portion of tonight's blog. If you ride a bike or rollerblade, WEAR A FREAKING HELMET. No, they're not sexy, yes, they'll flatten your hair, but that's way better than having your brains spilled on pavement. I figure with seven years of university poured into my head and its associated debts it's worth protecting. Hell, it's the only thing I've got because I'm certain I couldn't get by on looks alone (see sidebar). All it takes is one idiot driver and things are completely beyond your control.

So for the non soap-box portion of tonight's blog, I realized this morning that things were dire when I had a choice between a potato and past-their-best carrots at the bottom of the crisper for lunch options today. After having spent the weekend in Windsor for Dave's aunt's funeral we came home to a clean, but virtually grocery-free household. I managed tonight to to stock up on a few basics at the grocery store (we have fruit again! phew!) to at least tide us over to the weekend.

We spent last night planning our new kitchen at Home Depot, and think we've found a way to add more space to the kitchen which will be freaking great. Saturday before we left for the funeral the decorator who just re-did my parents' house came over to check our our digs. She's supposed to have sent us a quote but like a watched pot that never boils, my email hasn't coughed one up yet. I know having a decorator makes me sound all fancy-pants and hoity-toity. I'm self conscious about it but re had her over because some of the plaster in here needs some SERIOUS re-working and my time getting a law degree has done nothing to assist my ability to work with plaster. Also, we tend to be pretty busy of late and it's not like things are progressing here, we've totally gone stagnant and realistically I. Just. Want. It. DONE. Finally, I'm clueless as to picking a colour and figure it's better to get help with someone who can do this stuff instead of spending successive weekends pining over what colour we should use and is it the right one (and repainting when we realize that no, we definitely did not pick the right one).

We're both sick with colds (again!) and
Dave was sound asleep when I got home from getting groceries at 7:15pm, so I'm thinking I'll join him very shortly with the hopes of kicking this cold once and for all.


elaine said...

I'll add to the soap box portion of your blog re: helmets. Not only should you wear one, but wear one properly ie. not like a bonnet with your forehead exposed, not with a baseball cap underneath, not with the chin strap flapping in the breeze, etc. And for pete's sake parents, if you make your kid wear one, so should you (remember monkey see, monkey do?). If you wear your seat belt in the car, and think it makes sense, apply the same logic to riding a bike/rollerblading.

I'm sure a helmet is the only reason the contents of dad's noggin didn't end up on the pavement yesterday or any other time he took a spill on his bike.

Done with the soap box. :)

ccap said...

I am sooooo with you on the helmet thing. I am stunned when I see people without them.

sweatpantsmom said...

I'm with you on the helmet thing. Even though my two girls are usually the only ones wearing them and complain about their dorkiness.

I think I quieted them with something incredibly insightful like, "Better a dork than a dead dork."

roro said...

Sounds like a pretty serious spill your dad took! Hope he's well on the mend. And you too, with your colds. I just got over mine and it's nice to be able to smell things again. Well, not all things . . .

Heather said...

Elaine: Thanks for filling in what I forgot.

ccap: Me too. Thanks for stopping by.

sweatpantsmom: I'm sure my dad said the same thing to my sister and I when we were kids.

roro: Thanks for your well wishes. I'm getting better use of my olfactory senses, unfortunately just in time for the dogs having some flatulence issues.