Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why public transit rocks

To the older guy I see en route to work at the bus stop:

I love your outfits. I love that you're clearly in your late fifties or early sixties. I love that you're not afraid to wear big pink frilly skirts. I love that your legs are unshaven and clearly freezing waiting for the bus every morning. I love that this doesn't deter you from wearing them. I love that you've kept your big shaggy beard, and your comb-over. I love your impractical shoes, and that navy really wouldn't be my choice with a pale pink skirt with a visible crinoline. I love that your coat hangs open and doesn't hide a deep purple appliqué sweater. I love that you're unapologetic, standing with the most gruff blue collar people, and skinny teenagers.

Thanks for making me smile.

(who made you smile today?)


Teena said...

He sounds cute :)

ElaineMI said...

Ever wonder what the kids of tomorrow will say about us when we're that age?

sunshine scribe said...

That totally made me smile!

Island Spice said...

People like that make me smile and think.. hey.. I'm really not that bad. :)

Heather said...

teena: He's totally cute.

elainmi: Luckily I don't plan on wearing a tutu at a bus stop to find out.

sunshine scribe: Thanks!

island spice: he makes me grin every time I see him.

Jessica said...

I want to live in Canada.